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Etiya's award-winning Business and Operations Support System portfolio focuses on accelerating time-to-market, reducing order-to-cash cycles, and increasing customer brand loyalty. The fine-tuned, readily integrated package is tailored to Telco service providers and is the most complete catalog-driven BSS/OSS offer in the market.

The product suite provides tools for product developers to create, sell, and monetize innovative digital services from concept to retirement. Service providers can efficiently manage the customer quote-to-cash process, eliminating errors while increasing customer value with personalized up-sell and cross-sell offers.

Etiya provides a 360-degree customer view to all sales channels, including third-party channels, and a consistent customer experience across devices and channels that is enriched with predictions and personalized recommendations driven by learning-based algorithms. Etiya is the only vendor bridging rule-based systems and autonomous learning, algorithm-driven applications. It is a pioneer in applying social media analytics to customer experience management.

The portfolio contains nine preintegrated products. As required, they make use of core capabilities of other Etiya products and Etiya technical foundations. For example, Etiya Configure, Price, Quote uses relevant functional components from Etiya Omni Channel Self Care, Etiya Product Catalog Management, and Etiya Order Orchestration. The products can also be deployed independently and interface with other products, such as third-party product catalogs.

Etiya’s solutions have high levels of scalability, able to manage millions of orders per day and handling over 100 million subscribers and 400 million products. Its business processes and business entities are certified with the latest TM Forum standards, TM Forum Frameworx version 15, and have achieved the highest number of conformant TM Forum Business Process Framework Level 3 Certifications (108) of any vendor. Developed using Java EE standards, the multi-tiered architecture has open APIs that conform to TM Forum standards to speed integration and extension. Deployment options include open source relational and NoSQL databases and JEE certified application servers, on cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.


Technical Foundations:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Your most valuable assets are your customers – give them the value they deserve with Etiya CRM!

Etiya Customer Relationship Management is highly customer-centric, enabling you to interact with your customers on any platform or via any channel and to exceed their expectations. Etiya provides a 360-degree customer view to all sales channels and an omni-channel customer experience that is enriched with predictions and recommendations that are driven by learning-based algorithms. Customer metrics are defined dynamically to provide business-oriented customer insights.

The Etiya Customer Relationship Management solution includes:

Etiya Customer Relationship Management Differentiation

  • End-to-end, integrated lead-to-cash process flow
  • 360-degree, in-context customer view for Customer Service Representatives and Sales Agents
  • Dynamic Customer Support and Sales workflows are enriched with predictions and recommendations based on the customer’s past and current interests and interaction behavior
  • A consistent customer experience on any channel, any device, any time
  • The customer experience is tailored to their buying behavior and interests
  • Integrated with the customer’s social media profiles
  • Manage large business customers, their accounts, and their account relations
  • Single-click access
  • Supports jeopardy and exception management
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics improve customer conversion ratios
  • Sales KPI dashboards provide near real-time decision support for sales performance and operational efficiencies, comparing planned versus actuals
  • Scale and streamline operations through automation and autonomous self-learning
  • Enable and efficiently manage a partner ecosystem throughout the lifecycle
  • Securely share data with external systems

Etiya Customer Experience Management (CEM)


Personalize your customer interactions and speed business processes with Etiya CEM!

With Etiya Customer Experience Management you can predict your customer’s next step and proactively take the best action, in real time, to provide a superior customer experience. This is accomplished with autonomous learning, algorithm-driven technologies and sentiment analysis. Etiya provides a unified contextual view to personalize interactions and engage customers. An executive summary includes dynamically configured business metrics, customer journey steps, process Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and trends.

Etiya Customer Experience Management Differentiation

  • Complete contextual engagement identifies insights and “next best actions” to be taken proactively in real time
  • Product and offer recommendations based on customer behavior and emotions
  • Agents can focus on the customer with a personalized, dynamic dashboard resulting in a unified, omni-channel customer experience
  • Organizational KPIs are aggregated in executive summary reports

Etiya Omni Channel Self Care


Let your customers manage and control their own products and services with Etiya Omni Channel Self Care!

Etiya Omni Channel Self Care enables service providers to market, sell, and maintain simple or complex communication products and services online. All customer interactions are managed seamlessly to provide a consistent and unified online presence. Self-care enables customers to access and manage their account any time, anywhere, on any device through a high-performance user interface.

Your customers can buy and manage their products and services through any channel, such as the Web, Sales Agent, Rebundler, or kiosk, with each channel having an awareness of what has been done via other channels, thus providing a consistent customer experience. They can access your company via multiple devices while enjoying the same consistent experience.

Through analytics and autonomous learning, service providers can launch campaigns to specific customer profiles.

Etiya Omni Channel Self-Care Differentiation

  • End-user customers can access and manage their account any time, anywhere, on any device
  • Customers have online visibility to all account details, such as contract details, assets, bill details, account balance, usage, usage remaining in their package, and expenditures
  • Customers can schedule appointments, change packages, initiate or modify payment plans, renew contracts online
  • Contextual, personalized help provided as needed
  • Online chat is available and chat support agents see the progression of the customer’s journey
  • Orders can be started, for example, on the web and continued and fulfilled on a mobile device
  • Customers can see the impact of order changes will have on their bills and can compare multiple proposed changes before executing the order
  • Ability to monitor order and issue resolution progression
  • Access is provided to enterprise catalogs, including third-party catalogs

Etiya Social Media Analytics


Convert social media interactions into actionable marketing intelligence!

Etiya Social Media Analytics monitors, analyzes, and summarizes social media interactions to determine communities of interest for marketing campaigns. The results provide actionable marketing intelligence. The product creates and nurtures brand advocates through micro-segmented social media campaigns that focus on specific interests.

Coupled with Etiya Customer Relationship Management, Etiya Social Media Analytics provides new opportunities for cross-sells and up-sells.

Etiya Social Media Analytics Differentiation

  • Etiya is the first company to incorporate social analytics in Customer Relationship Management
  • Monitor social accounts and brand mentions across social media platforms
  • Engage with audiences on social networks
  • Customer micro-segmentation and loyalty management
  • Manage campaigns and assess product adoption by monitoring, e.g., how frequently your products were mentioned in social media during a specific time period
  • Text-based natural language processing to translate Facebook, SMS, etc. posts into customer sentiments
  • Analyze social media outreach effectiveness with real-time sentiment analysis and social media analytics
  • Analyze competitors and their behaviors and provide comparative analysis on their products or campaigns
  • Automatically manage your campaign lifecycle by, e.g., triggering a new campaign, retiring a product, or initiating a competitive counter-measure, based on dynamic social media rules, such as the number of “likes”

Etiya Product Catalog Management


Configure complex products efficiently and easily, and quickly launch offers to the market!

Etiya Product Catalog Management supports and manages the product lifecycle by managing services, marketing, and commercial and technical catalogs. It provides flexible offer and catalog configuration.

Etiya Product Catalog Management Differentiation

  • Single, centralized source for all product and service information
  • Create and manage products, from simple to very complex, as well as new single or bundled offers
  • Define a family of products, each decomposed of many products, to efficiently manage bundles
  • Products are defined hierarchically, with dependency and dynamic inheritance relationships, both vertically and horizontally
  • Easy management of service, resource, product, and offer dependencies
  • Products can be combined only if allowed
  • Product entities can be defined as a master or a slave to disparate external product catalogs
  • The catalog can be published based on multiple service eligibility and service availability rules, such as channel, usage, or geography
  • To simplify product selection, customers only see product recommendations relevant to them based on segmentation variables, such as customer age
  • Dynamic rules engine and algorithm-driven autonomous learning capabilities support complicated service, business, and marketing rules to enable personalized customer interactions
  • Managed simultaneously as both a technical and a commercial catalog

Etiya Configure, Price, Quote


Create the best quote for your customer, whether an enterprise, rebundler, or consumer!

For the B2B market, Etiya Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) manages the complexity of generating multiple engineered services (usually handled by separate departments) and combining them into a single quote. For the retail market, Etiya CPQ focuses on customizing packages to determine which package is best for the customer.

Etiya CPQ relies on Product Catalog, Omni Channel Self Care, and Order Orchestration to create the best quote for the end customer, whether it is an enterprise, a rebundler, or a consumer, as well as to provide a consistent cross-channel experience.

Etiya CPQ's innovative, agile, and modular approach and real-time analysis enables service providers to offer optimum offers or prices to customer during the order process.

Etiya Configure, Price, Quote Differentiation

  • Product Configurator
    • Create simple or complex bundle offers and associate with discounts and commitments
    • Flexible configuration features support product catalog definition and their association with channels
  • Pricing Engine
    • Offer the best price to the customer based on events, rules, and behaviors
  • Quoting System
    • Create a consistent quote where all rules are applied in real-time
    • Save the quote for a configurative period of time
  • Proposal Management
    • Manage the proposal process from creation to customer delivery
    • Quickly create proposals with pre-built templates, including company branding features
    • Incorporate approval mechanisms for proposal content
  • Contract & Order Entry/Order Negotiations
    • Associate proper service types with appropriate contracts during the order process
    • Validate performance during the order process
    • Customer notifications

Etiya Order Entry, Order Negotiations and Order Orchestration


High performance, work flow, task management solution with exception management capabilities, built for Tier 1s!

Etiya Order Orchestration flexibly configures and customizes all customer interaction flows between a company and its customers. It captures orders from all sales portals and validates orders to maintain business integrity. Etiya Order Orchestration can handle millions of orders per day.

Business rules from the company’s product and service catalog ensures a safe and secure order entry, enriches the customer experience, and orchestrates the orders.

Etiya Order Orchestration can use Etiya Order Entry and Etiya Order Negotiation capabilities or interface with other systems for order entry and negotiation functions. Etiya Order Entry and Etiya Order Negotiation can only be used with Etiya Order Orchestration.

Etiya Order Orchestration Differentiation

  • Supports both the commercial layer and the service order layer
  • Users can define atomic processes to simplify design or management of complex business processes
  • Processes are managed hierarchically, with relationships and inheritance models
  • Automatically validates order entry and provides error correction to reduce order fall-out
  • Guided selling prompts to support order entry
  • Resources can be reserved while customer and service eligibility are being verified, such as credit and black-list checks and inventory checks, to ensure business integrity
  • Improved customer experience with full order visibility, including expected completion time
  • Dynamic rules support business exception processing, such as alternative actions if the service will not be delivered as promised
  • Provides operational reports on orders, e.g., orders processed, in jeopardy, resolved in SLA time, by each call center
  • Supports bulk orders

Etiya Billing Management


The next generation of convergent charging and billing!

Etiya Billing Management provides the ability to bill and invoice complex bundles of voice, data, and video-driven products, as well as value-added services. The solution supports complex discounts, equipment and spending controls, and sales commitments. The solution provides a real-time convergent charging and billing experience based on industry-compliant product models, with carrier grade performance and operational ease.

Etiya Billing Management Differentiation

State-of-the-art tariff technology

  • Friends, family and community-based discounts
  • Quota-based and complex cross discounts
  • TM Forum Information Framework-compliant simple discounts supported entirely under Customer Relationship Management control

Convergent online, in real-time, and offline charging

  • Support correlation-based real-time charging (following 3GPP procedures)

Extensive billing functionality

  • Multi company billing; ready for MVNE and MVNO
  • On-demand billing
  • Ready for hot billing
  • Prorated balances upon service activation and deactivation
  • Revenue-based commitments on billing account or particular product level
  • Time-based commitments
  • Aggregate multiple discounts and apply all given discounts
  • Carryover commitments and installments during bundle packet changes

Support for a wide range of products, ranging from voice, text, data, and video services to event and content-based services.

Etiya Campaign Management


Make the right offer to the right customer to the right time!

Etiya Campaign Management is an enhanced marketing tool to get ahead of the competition with challenging and attractive campaigns. Campaign Management provides test campaign executions , defines a campaign budget, and automatically ends the campaigns when the quota or budget is reached.

Create marketing lists using the Etiya Business Rule Engine to increase customer value and acquire new customers.


  • Dynamic marketing list management
  • Periodic announcements to potential or existing customers via email, SMS, or calls
  • Configure customer benefits and collateral
  • Define campaign eligibility rules
  • Create and manage campaign KPIs, such as budget or cost
  • Define and create campaigns by region, sales channel, reseller, MVNO, or role
  • Pilot campaigns to validate campaign strategy
  • Monitor campaign performance and success rates
  • Provide activity management for sales channels to facilitate campaign execution
  • Business rule engine support to identify the best offer for the customer
  • Integration with call center agents systems

Etiya Lead Management


Turn sales pipeline management into revenue!

Etiya Lead Management simplifies and automates the lead management process seamlessly from acquisition to sales. It manages the identification of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers, and enables leads to convert to orders with one click.


  • Lead prioritization and enhancement
  • Generate leads from existing sources or external lists
  • Acquire leads through different channels and platforms, e.g., mobile apps, websites
  • Design customer-specific solutions during the feasibility process
  • Dashboards monitor the sales pipelines and sales performance
  • Access information needed to achieve sales anytime and anywhere
  • Fully automated lead-to-cash flow with CRM and Order Entry/ Order Negotiations integration

Etiya Partner Relationship Management


Manage the entire partner ecosystem efficiently!

Etiya Partner Relationship Management manages and simplifies the partner ecosystem and lifecycle process through an agile and efficient system. It enables service providers to gain competitive advantage through partner synergies.


  • Modular design
  • Advanced customization options
  • Manage partner agreements and commitments
  • Define partner hierarchy
  • Conduct surveys
  • Improve partner skills through training and exams
  • Get partner suggestions and complaints
  • Share revenues with partners
  • Receive and manage partner orders
  • Manage partner recruitment process
  • Manage the lifecycle of potential partners

Etiya Workforce Management


Manage your workforce efficiently!

Etiya Workforce Management enhances the creativity and effectiveness of teams. It provides automatic suggestions for task duration, determination of the actual task duration, and automatic work assignment for critical compliance or operational tasks.


  • Automatic work assignment based on defined rules
  • Automatic system suggestions for task duration estimates based on task type, employee skills, availability, and location
  • Control the entire workforce process
  • Access to real-time information about tasks currently being executed and available resources

Dynamic Workflows

  • Automate progression and execution of administrative processes
  • Create new dynamic workflows with drag and drop

Calendar Management

  • Track customer appointments
  • Identify available teams to assign the appointment

Performance Management

  • Deliver significant return on investment through operational efficiencies and by tapping the full potential of the employees’ work day

Mobile Integration for Android & iOS

  • Track all task progress and daily work orders with smartphones – where and when the managers want

Advanced Reporting Module

  • Analyze employee data and tasks
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc reporting
  • Access to all essential data and ability to take necessary actions

Event Driven Marketing


Understand customers’ needs and satisfy them with the right offers at the right time!

Etiya Event-Driven Marketing is a smart system that analyzes customers based on all data sources, and dynamically executes actions based on configured events and rules. It understands and utilizes customer behavior to identify the best offers and prices according to the customer’s loyalty and existing service portfolio. Choosing the right marketing actions at the right time will maximize customer satisfaction and increase revenue through cross- sell and upsell.


Rule-Based Marketing Recommendation Engine

  • Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Base rules on data from different sources
  • Define event execution time, duration, and period

Event-Based Marketing (Real-Time) Recommendation Engine

  • Receive required input from different sources and systems
  • Define complex events by combining and reusing simple events
  • Marketing List Management

    • Quickly create marketing lists from different data sources
    • Take actions on the marketing list via multiple notification channels, such as email, SMS, IVR, and social media
    • Simulate to estimate campaign participation rate and expected revenue and profit
    • Use a dashboard to create decision trees to be executed by the Business Rule Engine

    Scenario-Flow Editor

    • Create flows with drag and drop
    • Generate flows by combining predefined flows
    • Set flow priorities
    • Stop and start the flow at any time

    Action Management

    • Send notifications from different channels (offering, customer call)
    • Limit actions based on time, number of occurrences, and dependency on other actions

Real Time Big Data Analytics


Use information about your customers to market to them!

Etiya's Real Time Big Data Analytics enables service providers to gain knowledge about their customers to enable one-to-one marketing and to uncover new revenue opportunities. By turning large unstructured event and interaction-based datasets into purposeful information, Big Data Analytics enables service providers to improve customer experience, customer care, and operational efficiency, and to enhance their competitive edge.

Through Etiya's hands-on experience, service providers can use big data technologies to implement a cost effective and scalable analytics infrastructure.


  • User experience analytics to detect end-user service quality
  • Structured, semi-structured, unstructured data analytics
  • Data-driven real-time analytics
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Data warehouse, data modeling, and Implementation
  • Extensive experience with big data technologies, from NoSQL to Hadoop
  • Extensive experience with Extract, Transform, Load tools: ODI, Informatica, SAP BO Data Services
  • Extensive experience with Business Intelligence tools: SAP BO, Oracle BI, QlikView, Tableau, Cognos, Qlik Sence
  • Hadoop, MongoDB, HBase, Elastic Search, PostgreSQL Administration Services