Engage. Monetize. Care.

Etiya provides services to transform the Communications and Digital Service Providers' businesses by covering their entire business life-cycle through services that cover each step from strategy formation, product development and implementation, to consultation and other managed services. Etiya's professional services are based on four key pillars: Development, Implementation, Consulting, and Management Services for Outsourcing. Etiya …

  • Develops and customizes the product that the operator needs,
  • İmplements the product according to the operators' needs,
  • Stand by the operators' side for consultation, and
  • Offers BPO, managed services, outsourcing, or additional trained and skilled professionals.


As the only Independent Software Vendor with a comprehensive B/OSS bridging Telecommunication CRM, Catalog-Driven Order Management, Social Media CRM, and Big Data Analytics, Etiya has the proficiency and experience to develop and customize its products according to the needs of the Communications and Digital Service Providers. Etiya has been working very closely with some of the most advanced and forward-thinking telecom operators in the world and all products have been built on real core needs of these operators. The development of individualized product solutions will enable the operators to be efficient, agile, and reduce the time-to-market and limit dependencies on internal IT and inefficient legacy B/OSS systems.


Etiya has the experience and proficiency to implement its agile products into the Communications and Digital Service providers' IT system within 90 days and is able to produce measurable revenue impact (ARPU) within the days of implementation. The implementation of Etiya's entire product portfolio may be on-premise or (private) on-cloud platforms. Etiya's product "Telaura Suite" offers further implementations for Wireless, Integrated Revenues and Customer Management, Digital Services, and Omni-Channel Commercial Services.


Etiya provides a value-adding consultancy that is based on real industry experience, as Etiya has been into diverse telecom projects for customers worldwide. Etiya's consultancy services comprise:

  • Assessment of MVNO capabilities
  • Current infrastructure and solution recommendations for redesign
  • Assessment of BSS transformations through cross-functional domains in order to alter operational and business goals directions
  • Reengineering business processes in order to align them with business strategy, people, and technology
  • Simplifying business processes, identifying overlapping application roles, and identifying scattered business rules across BSS
  • Solution design for policy and regulation requirements * Enhancing customer experience by increasing customer engagement and redefining churn business flows

Management Services for Outsourcing

Etiya is committed to share the responsibility for its goals. It offers a flexible and scalable managed services program to support Communications and Digital Service Providers with a combination of on-site and off-site resourcing. Etiya's services for outsourcing comprise:

  • Modernization of service models with skilled professionals
  • Professional support for application and infrastructure management, daily operation, monitoring, problem management, and deployment
  • Improve agility and transform operations with less risk
  • Maintain the application portfolio at a lower cost
  • Accelerate application development
  • Measurable results for BSS projects with best suited KPI's for CSPs/DSPs' businesses