In light of our vision, mission, goals and common values, we aim to:

We believe in the importance of advancing towards success and development with the goal of bringing to mind the power of human being who is open to innovation, who has the potential to develop himself / herself, who believes in teamwork, solution oriented, coordination and ability to integrate with different cultures.

We value the power of qualified human resources, and we support the development of personalized trainings to ensure that our employees walk confidently in the career path.

We aim to investing constantly in development our employee’s with technical trainings, internal trainings, digital trainings and personal development courses.

Performance Assesstment

We implement a performance management system that provides 360 degree evaluation on the basis of smart targets to ensure that all employees progress with the common goal. We set employees' goals in line with company goals.

Wage, Vested Benefits

We provide the following facilities for each employee at our company.

Private health insurance

Personal accident insurance

Monthly food and transport

Mobile phone

Performance based premium payment

Social Activities

We create for different "Social Clubs" areas of interest and meet with teammates or groups of different units on weekly-weekend events together on a common platform. Every month, last Friday we crowd all our offices with "Happy Hour" event. We spend an hour full of conversation and pleasure with different concepts.

At the end of each year; we are meeting with all the Etiya employees at the "Kick Off Organization", which we shed light on our roadmap.

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