TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2019
14 May 2019

TM Forum which is the global association driving collaboration to maximize business success in the communications industry is preparing to bring together world sector leaders between 14th -16th of May for their flagship event Digital Transformation World Nice. 

In the event, thousands of practical examples will be presented regarding how to apply new technologies to work processes and what real life solutions will be needed for 5G and new ecosystems.

As a leading vendor specialized in E2E digital transformation of operators, we adopt “Connected Customer First” approach, and prioritize the utilization of digital customer experience during the digitalization journey of our customers. 

This approach also provides a Digital BSS solution for operators who needs a ‘clean break’ from existing systems, processes and culture, by setting up Digital sub-brands that target Connected Customers. 

This year; at the event; we will be presenting our projects that have been implemented in parallel with our “Connected Customer First” approach. And demonstrating AI driven, cloud based Digital Business Platforms which enables fast and effective transformation.

 As a catalyst participant vendor; we will be participating proof-of-concept catalyst project named as “Digital Twins” that seeks to explore the potential use of the digital twins in the telecommunication industry. Within “Digital Twins” project Etiya will be showcasing the ways to create Customer DNA from characteristics, KPI’s and actions of customers using Deep Learning. Customer DNA will be used to simulate, predict and forecast the customer behavior and next action for the customer.

In addition, Etiya CCO Apostolos Kallis will participate in “Creating an AI Enabled Experience” panel session to discuss how customers can find faster solutions to their problems and how it can be possible to reduce the time for new proposals to enter the market through our innovative transformation strategy and solutions. 

ETIYA experts will be available throughout the #DTW2019 event, to showcase you the successfully implemented Etiya AI Driven Digital BSS, Predictive Analytics cases in tier 1 operators with “Connected Customer First” approach.

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