For service providers it is important to create personalized, flexible and innovative offers to satisfy customer needs, as well as billing them on a timely and accurate manner, and delivering them an invoice format that is transparent and understandable. But complex new offers often pose a challenge to an older billing system. Negative customer experience during billing mostly leads to customer loss sooner or later. Therefore, flexible, timely billing with consistent and real-time pricing from all channels, and ability to charge all services on a single invoice, in an easy-to-understand way are the top priorities for service providers.

On one hand, it will allow a company to maximize revenue opportunities from monetizing on services, while on the other hand, it will also help meet customer expectations and ultimately that will lead to improved satisfaction.

Why Etiya’s Billing and Charging Management?

Etiya Billing and Charging Management provides a platform for charging and billing next generation products across multiple markets. It provides the ability to bill and charge complex bundles of basic services, like voice and data, as well as various other value-added and digital services. The product supports complex discounts, equipment charging, spending controls, and tracking sales commitments.

It provides a real-time, convergent charging and billing experience based on industry-conformant product models, with carrier-grade performance and operational ease.

Flexible billing solutions - better monetization

Etiya Billing and Charging Management supports a wide range of products, from voice, text and data, to activity-based video services, event and content-based services, to be billed as a single product or a more complex bundle. It offers true convergence. With its centralized balance management and spending control capabilities, it allows various cross-product discounting methods, applicable across multiple markets, for both prepaid and postpaid products. The product supports online, real-time, and offline convergent charging.

Enhanced capabilities allow, that balances are pro-rated upon service activation and deactivation. Sales commitments can also be tracked easily at the account or product levels or by time.

Versatile and flexible features and solutions include recurring promotion handling, carry-over functionality, private and shared balances, bucket functionality, special eligibility triggers, etc.

Having such a flexible charging and billing system means, that you will be able to launch and bill new services quicker, to meet customer demand, exploit new market potential, and generate extra revenue.

Transparent billing will keep your customers happy

Your services might be complex, but your invoices should never be. Customers need clarity and transparency on what their invoice contains. It needs to be easy-to-understand, and has to provide a clear explanation on all the bundles, monthly fees and usage charges, so that your customers can feel they are in control, and they can monitor and manage their spendings better. And that ultimately will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance with authorities’ requirements

We understand that certain customizations might be needed in the billing process or in reporting, in order to meet the requirements of various local regulatory bodies around the world, (eg.: taxation and finance), and we can also cater for that. We want to make sure, that those authorities will also be among your happy customers.

And the technical part?

We know, that easy implementation and system integration is always key. We offer a flexible, highly scalable solution, that allows easy integration.

The Billing and Charging Management module can be integrated with other products in the Etiya product portfolio, like Product Catalog or Order Management, but can also be implemented stand-alone and integrated with the customer’s existing products.

Etiya offers consultation services throughout the customization and the implementation process, to find the solution that is most suitable to our partner’s needs.


  • Real-time and demand based convergent billing and charging with performance and operational convenience
  • Convergent online, real-time, and offline charging including 3GPP correlation-based real-time charging
  • Efficient discount management including friends, family, and community-based discounts
  • Quota-based, shared and complex cross discounts
  • TM Forum Information Framework (SID) conformant models
  • Multi-company billing, supporting MVNE and MVNO business models
  • On-demand billing
  • Ready for hot billing
  • Split billing
  • Prorated balances upon service activation and deactivation
  • Revenue-based commitments on billing account or at the product level
  • Customer, product or time-based sales commitment tracking, eg. carryovers and installments
  • Billing of discount, device and usage-based sales commitments‚Ä®
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