Prior to the development of 5G, mobile networks had limited manual configurative customization abilities. 5G, on the other hand, allows for a customizable experience at the network level by utilizing “network slicing” capabilities.

But, of course, this customization experience must be well-constructed and presented to the customer in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.

As Etiya, we know that the right design of the customized customer journey is the sine qua non of transformation. We also know that organizations will use network slicing if only they can fully reflect the experience they have designed for the whole ecosystem.

Targeting a seamless customization experience, Etiya has developed the “5G Intelligent Slicing Platform” that enables CSPs to offer flexible, AI-based slicing to monetize, manage and monitor their 5G ecosystem. 

The platform's intelligence comes from its key features:


Etiya “5G intelligent Slicing Platform” provides;

5G Intelligent Slicing Platform is a sophisticated and easy-to-use solution. The platform’s open APIs and modular architecture enable service providers to support dynamic slicing without swapping entire existing BSS infrastructure. It is flexible to integrate with network orchestration and resources. 


  • Additional revenue generation via Network (Slice) as a Service Model and higher OPEX savings
  • Ability to monetize tailored services agilely
  • Customized deployments tailored to a variety of use cases
  • Faster time to market by online service onboarding, on the fly offer creation
  • Opportunity for operators to provide guaranteed quality of service levels
  • Seamlessly integrated, effortless, flexible AI based offers
  • Customer expectations’ fulfillment to enrich the ecosystem and deliver tangible business results
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