Whilst the importance of data is increasing for companies day by day, the value of the data is measured by how it is evaluated rather than the volume of the available data. Creating business value, carrying out analysis based on the past, and then being able to make predictions based on the results, as well as the ability to make decisions based on analysis of large volumes of data, creates an important difference.

Etiya, within the scope of data and analytics, either independently or together, carries out data modeling, data capturing, cleaning, enriching, processing, reporting, and advanced analytics algorithms with the available data.

All open-source resources or commercial products used at all stages of data and analytics, continue to work uninterrupted on the cloud infrastructure.

Etiya provides the following services within the scope of data and analytics:

Includes all data ranging from big data worksheets, servers, and cloud services. Etiya renders your data into a form that can be analysed by keeping all your data together coming from all sources in one place and can keep the data update by ensuring the data flow.

The components of data management are listed below;

  • NoSQL databases
  • Streaming analytics
  • Relational Databases

The logical data warehouse is a database that can create queries in order to analyse data. It stores the filtered data that companies want to be analysed and can carry out the necessary analysis that is needed. In this way it helps in terms of understanding business needs and the renewing of operational functions; it also easily provides business intelligence. Etiya allows workload and the weight of data analysis to be separated; whilst data stored in the data warehouse is being analysed, it continues to store the updated data of the company and meet the need of querying.

The components of Data Warehouse are as below:

  • ETL (extract, transform and load)
  • Quality of Data

It allows companies to make prospective right decisions through the insight that is gained due to the analysis and interpretation of data collected from different sources. Etiya Analytics and BI technologies transform information by converting data into an understandable and analyzable manner. It allows for more efficient use of resources.

Data science and machine learning, through using old and new data, anticipates the prediction of behaviours and trends as well as events that may take place in the future. It uses several techniques such as data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Through this, it analyses the data and creates a predictive model regarding the probability of an event occurring.

Data science is important for experience modelling concepts such as “Digital Twin”, nowadays where experience is gaining dominance regarding purchasing decisions. The Digital Twin concept is basically a virtual copy of a product that exists in real life displaying the same behaviour. Design modelling concepts not only allow every person to have a unique experience but also allow mass personalization.

Etiya Data Science and Machine Learning, using artificial intelligence supported advanced technologies, predicts the behaviour of machines or other objects. With predictive analysis, companies become more proactive and farsighted, take decisions based on data and can thus create more customer-focused structures.

With Etiya Data Science and Machine Learning, companies can create predictive models. Through these models, they can manage their work processes, predict the future and create more profitable decision-making processes. This solution, which can be used either on the cloud or locally, can be integrated with big data or 3rd party data sources.

Etiya Data Science and Machine Learning use cases:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Churn Determination
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Ordered Pattern Mining
  • Cross-Sell
  • Irregularity / Determination of Anomalies
  • Time Series Prediction

The Etiya Social Media Analytics feature converts social media interactions into actionable marketing intelligence. It monitors, analyzes, and summarizes social media interactions to determine communities of interest for marketing campaigns. The results provide actionable marketing intelligence. The product creates and nurtures brand advocates through micro-segmented social media campaigns that focus on specific interests.

Coupled with Etiya Customer Relationship Management, Etiya Social Media Analytics identifies opportunities for cross-sells and up-sells.