In the new era where customer-focus is essential for all corporate operations, it is possible to take advantage of new technologies to reach certain insights. Through image processing technology enriched by smart mechanisms, Etiya Video Analytics Solutions allows for monitoring and analysing customer movements and customer insights for marketing activities.

Things that can be done with Video Analytics solutions:

There is no need for complicated equipment to bring Etiya Video Analytics solutions to a ready-to-use state. You can start to use this system with a simple camera connection in open or closed areas. Etiya video analytics solutions can be used on-premise or cloud based.

Provides unique visitor counting and determines demographic features and the moods of the visitors of stores. This operation is carried out without saving the data of the customers’ faces and by staying loyal to data privacy. Due to its ability to differentiate employees and visitors and recognize returning customers, it allows access to the right data and provides information about the outcome of the visit and the rate of performance on sales.

It determines demographic features such as the mood, age and gender of customers at the point of entry into the store, analyses their behaviour within the store and their mood at the point of exit; through this, by presenting meaningful results, it allows for certain actions to be taken. It determines the number of visitors entering the store instantaneously, detects the traffic and allows for actions to be taken to increase customer satisfaction.

It allows real data collection based on certain criteria such as the weather forecast, special days and holidays and provides data-based visitor behaviour analysis which can be used for data-based predictions. Based on the predictions, special marketing, sales activities and campaigns can be planned for the store and actions can be taken regarding visitor traffic and sales performance.

Furthermore, with video analytics, customer profiling is also possible, the behaviour patterns of these profiles can be determined, and based on this data, store design and promotions can be planned accordingly.

Video analytics solutions can also be used in open areas and allow monitoring of the visitors, analysis of the demographic features of those visitors in front of the store. It is used to calculate the amount of time they spend in front of a store, the follow up of this as well as the entry rate and rates of sales for those who look at the store windows.

Smart advertising solutions, with applications such as smart digital advertising panels and smart mirrors, allows the right advert to be delivered to the right person.

Whilst the smart advertising panel allows for suitable content to be shown according to the visitor profile, it also allows for effective advertising presentation and use of budget through analysing the view rate of the advertisement that is being broadcast.

It dynamically broadcasts content based on the mood, gender and age range of the customer in that instance.
It creates reports based on a lot of data such as the amount of people watching and time spent watching the advert being broadcasted, rates of those who have watched the advert till the end and the mood of those watching the advert.

By grabbing attention through gamification, Smart Mirror increases traffic to the store as well as supporting store sales and increase customer satisfaction through instant campaigns, which increases revenue.

The age, gender and mood of those who approach the mirror are determined
When the customer smiles, tailor-made discount products and discount codes are created for the person
The customer is directed towards the store after taking a photo of the discount code


  • Allows for monitoring and profiling of visitors who have visited stores through counting of unique visitor and demographic data.
  • Provides data for effective sales in store as a result of visitor monitoring and profiling
  • Provides the opportunity to present suitable advertisements to target audiences with smart advert applications
  • Provides data for the effective use of advertising budgets