Campaigns are indispensable at every stage of the customer lifecycle. An effective campaign management tool is a must for marketers to run the most successful campaigns to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Etiya Campaign Management Platform is created to help marketers design, execute, manage, and measure marketing campaigns and customer-driven communication across all marketing channels. By Campaign Management, it is possible to deliver the right offer to the right audience through the proper channel at the determined time.

The outstanding features of the Etiya Campaign Management Platform can be briefly listed as follows. 

- Creating personalized offers and campaigns

- Advanced customer segmentation capabilities

- Real-time decision making and suggesting Next Best Action

- AI-driven campaign optimization

Etiya Campaign Management helps you manage holistic campaigns with 50% less time and effort in all marketing channels. It also helps you determine which message is more efficient in which customer base and in which channel by checking the campaign results.

Etiya Campaign Management Platform is offered with the installation models, which includes integration with your existing systems via cloud infrastructure or on-premise options according to your needs.

Why Etiya Campaign Management?

Etiya Campaign Management provides optimum and cost-effective campaign management by its groundbreaking features.

Etiya Campaign Management enables end-to-end implementation of personalized, high-return campaigns in all channels in a very short time via the powerful targeting capability of its artificial intelligence-supported optimization engine. It is also possible to track and report performance with advanced tracking and reporting tools.

Differentiating points of Etiya Campaign Management can be summarized as follows:

- Artificial Intelligence Support

Optimization Engine 

AI-supported optimization engine enables campaign optimization for each customer via advanced data analytics. Provides an increase in campaign efficiency and response via advanced prediction capabilities, channel preference, offer and target optimization. 


- Using algorithms to find out hidden insights

- Grouping and segmentation of customers and products

- Making more accurate targeted campaigns based on segmentation results

Predictive Models

- Using Machine learning techniques to predict future outcomes like customer churn.

- Connecting Machine learning use cases to tangible measurable outcomes


- Hyper personalization with machine learning, deep learning, and neural network (Recommendation, Next Best Offer / Next Best Action)

- Send more personalized offers to each customer based on the recommendation system

- Marketing List Functionalities: Marketing List Functionalities visualizes the whole customer base and provides:

- Increase in campaign efficiency

- Increase in customer targeting capabilities by advanced filtering

- Decrease in campaign cost and increase in ROMI

- Boost customer experience 

- Open API Structure: Enhanced communication and easier integration with external data sources and 3rd party applications. Business Process, API and Data models, TMForum compatible.

- BI Reports: Provides campaign reports and other key analyses which give deep insights for marketing decision-makers. Product DataMart allows data to be incorporated into reports and any 3rd-party tools to be used.

Benefits of Campaign Management

    • Increases the ability to offer personalized campaigns
    • Lower campaign cycle time and time-to-market period
    • Higher campaign volume
    • Lower costs of marketing campaigns via higher efficiency
    • Better response rates and business results via higher precision of campaign targeting
    • Holistic campaign management across all channels
    • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customer Profiling

    Brings customer data together from internal & external systems and uses them for data analytics & segmentation.

  • Segmentation

    Defines and groups different types of attributes which enable selecting and filtering data needed for segmentation. It is also possible to upload file by using the same flexible structure.

  • Campaign Configuration

    Configures different types of campaigns, manages their lifecycles, defines campaign offer relation or links to each other, and makes prioritization. Configures campaign specific business rules regarding transitions between campaigns, campaign commitments, subscription changes during discount periods and penalties.

  • Campaign Optimization

    Enables marketers to optimize strategies throughout the campaign lifecycle to achieve the best possible response rates.  
    Applies numerous constraints, like targeting or managing iteration number for one customer during campaign execution to achieve the pre-selected campaign goals and to maximize revenues.

  • Content Configuration

    Enables creating and managing content-based activities such as e-mail, sms, push notifications.

  • Campaign Execution

    Creates campaign execution plan based on activity types, schedules each activity for various frequencies.

  • Performance Tracking

    Tracks activity delivery, sales status and various campaign KPIs (goal, budget, cost) for each campaign and also provides dashboards, reports.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Enables churn prediction and forecasting customer demand by using Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Real Time Decision Making

    Provides real time prediction and AI based offer recommendation considering customer behaviour. 

    Uses content based and collaborative filtering techniques or combination of them.

    Uses Machine Learning or Deep Learning algorithms and combination of them in some cases. 


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