Prior to the development of 5G, mobile networks had limited manual configurative customization abilities. 5G, on the other hand, allows for a customizable experience at the network level by utilizing “network slicing” capabilities.

But, of course, this customization experience must be well-constructed and presented to the customer in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.

As Etiya, we know that the right design of the customized customer journey is the sine qua non of transformation.We also know that organizations will use network slicing if only they can fully reflect the experience they have designed for the whole ecosystem.

With this in mind, Etiya has developed a “5G Intelligent Slicing Platform” that enables operators to offer flexible AI-based slicing to monetize and manage their 5G ecosystem.

The platform's intelligence comes from its key features:

Empowered with Etiya AI

"Plug and Play” slice creation

Enriched API exposure

Agile monetization of ecosystem

Faster deployment and time to market


Etiya “5G intelligent Slicing Platform” provides;

Partner needs - based tailoring

Flexible and easiest slice creation with provided service(slice) creation/design environment

Central lifecyle management of slices/services

Ability to purchase, monitor and manage of slice(s) with Partner Admins

Complete visualization and management of all slices to Operator Network Slice Admins (including all B2X, B2B2X verticals)

Ability to generate offers/actions by having slice-based customer and network intelligence through AI engine


Since this platform is distinct from existing BSS, there is no need to swap development work for the entire existing BSS infrastructure in order for operators  to support tailored slicing. It is flexible to integrate with any orchestration layer(NBI) and partner ecosystem.


    • Generate additional revenue by having Network as a Service Business Model and increase OPEX savings
    • Limitless flexibility for slice creation and unlimited bundle offers on network speed/capabilities
    • Secure and credential-based slice tailoring
    • Ability to monetize tailored services agilely
    • Faster deployment and time-to-market readiness of slices
    • Opportunity for operators to provide guaranteed quality of service levels


Evolution of Telco centered Business Ecosystem with 5G Networks

5G Network Slicing Brochure Company Overview Download

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