2018: Rise of Digital Platforms for Strong Business Ecosystems

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2017-08-26 Etiya Marketting

In 2018, Enterprise growth will depend on the strength of business ecosystems. This will be possible not only having strong business partners but also having right technology investment to manage complex, adaptive and flexible digital business models.

To leverage business ecosystems, CMOs and CIOs must develop a new and proactive engagement strategy to reach connections way beyond the total ecosystem. The basis of the strategy is quite obvious: make it digital, make it smart, make it adoptable and flexible. This will only be possible with next generation digital platforms having unified catalog and information management modules focusing on customer experience.

Gartner survey of business and IT leaders engaged in their business ecosystems found that only 43% of their organizations have a formal business ecosystem strategy that is actionable. The ideal platform for this strategic approach should include expandible assets that can enable not only complex partnership models but also information across lines of business and markets.

The platform mentioned above can be expanded with a few critical areas – artificial intelligence, machine learning, connected devices and algorithm driven business models that enrich not only technical sophistication and flexibility but also differentiated E2E customer experience.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can be seen as one of the pioneers for such digital ecosystem enhancements all around the world. Many leading CSPs have already implemented such digital platforms and adopted their business models to their existing business.

Etiya is one of the leading CRM vendors covering almost all CSP (possibly all major other industry) business requirements. Etiya is the sole vendor bridging rule based systems and autonomous learning algorithm driven applications to manage such a complex business rule set. It has the most complete catalog driven B/OSS offer in the market that gives real flexibility to enterprises for launching complex campaign models and quick launches as well as effective complaint management.  Etiya provides overall experience with next generation services using AI technology especially NLP and sentimental analysis.

Etiya is a strong partner for E2E digital ecosystem enhancement from strategy to implementation and adoption for new challenges.

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