The loyalty rate of the «connected» customers is now based on their experiences in each interaction with the brand, hence it is indispensable to provide a seamless experience at each interaction. Companies need to improve customer experience by creating a personal, easy and omnichannel customer service, in order to increase customers’ satisfaction and brand loyalty rate. 

AI-supported Etiya Customer Service Management helps you to transform your customer service to digital and evolve your contact center via 360-degree customer view, ticket management, workflow management, interaction management and knowledge management features. 

As a result, your customer service achieves better engagement levels, higher customer satisfaction, boosted operational efficiency and improved service quality. 

Etiya Customer Service Management provides omnichannel predictive and prescriptive customer service recommendations and automatically orchestrates workflows. It uses sentimental, contextual, and customer behavioral analyses that result in increased Customer Service Representative (CSR) efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

With Etiya Customer Service Management, CSRs receive prepopulated information about the customer situation that is collected from multiple channels and ready to use. The trouble’s root cause is predicted, and the workflow provides prescriptive recommendations to communicate with the customer and resolve the trouble. As a result, CSRs spend more time focusing on the customer and less time manually resolving issues. This reduces both response and resolution time. So, customer problems are resolved faster and on the first contact. 

The use of autonomous learning and artificial intelligence enables personalization of customer interaction, bringing humans back into customer service while at the same time automating service workflows. 


  • 360-degree, in-context customer and ticket view
  • Analysing closed requests, learns how the problem is solved, makes recommendation adjustments
  • Ticket categorization and recommendations with NLP and sentiment analysis
  • Experience-based learning
  • Automated business process flow management
  • Multichannel customer service and trouble ticket management
  • Mobile app
  • Chatbot (first touch point solutions)
  • Configurable and role-based dashboards and reports populated in real time
  • Suggesting next best action to CSRs
  • Categorizing trouble tickets and routing them to appropriately skilled agents
  • AI Based Customer Service Management
  • Prioritization and categorization of tickets
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