Loyalty and satisfaction of the Connected Customers is very much dependent on their experiences in each and every interaction with a brand, hence it is indispensable for companies to provide an effortless service experience at each contact. Improving service management resources to enhance customer experience while getting support helps to increase customers’ satisfaction and brand loyalty rate.

With the right service management resources, you can make customers feel, that your company is a caring partner and provider, who is aware of their requirements, predicting and offering exactly what they need, when they need it, how they need it.

Why Etiya’s CSM?

Etiya Customer Service Management offers a comprehensive solution to help you meet these demands, enabling you to care for both B2C and B2B customers with ticket management, workflow and interaction management and knowledge management.

Make your customer service more human-focused with the help of AI and ML

Our offer is an AI-supported solution, that helps you make sense of the huge amount of customer interaction data you possess. It enables you to see all customer information in one location, as relevant to each interaction. Machine learning algorithms provide CS representatives with predictive and prescriptive customer service recommendations to offer tailored solutions for customer problems. Etiya CSM uses sentimental, contextual, and customer behavioural analyses, that result in increased CSR efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The system also orchestrates workflows automatically, like ticket creation, categorization, prioritization and tracking, to help allocate the right resources for a quicker problem resolution.

First-contact resolutions via efficient self-service and empowered CSR agents

Effortless customer service experience comes from faster and easier case resolutions, where customers feel that a truly knowledgeable and caring service provider is attending to their needs.

An overwhelming majority of customers prefer to use self-service, for which our CSM module provides simple user flows with highly intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. Also, customers can select their preferred channels, even switch between them; the omnichannel approach will always guarantee a seamless experience during their journey.

When it comes to agent interactions, CSRs receive pre-populated information about the customer’s situation that is collected from multiple channels and ready to use. The trouble’s root cause is predicted, and the workflow provides recommendations to communicate with the customer and resolve the issue. A comprehensive, easy-to-use Knowledge Base is also integrated into our solution, that provides quick support during the customer interaction process.

As a result, CSRs spend more time focusing on the customer and less time switching between systems, searching for info and manually resolving issues. This reduces both response and resolution time, and enables higher rate of first-contact resolutions. And CS efficiency - whether it comes from using more self-service and bots, or more productive agent interactions - will also lead to better cost efficiency in daily operation.

Excellent customer experience and higher loyalty go hand-in-hand

Sometimes the one-off customer experiences leave the biggest impression, when you help your customers in situations they need it the most. When they have a problem, that you solve in a professional way, even exceeding customer expectations. That will build customer loyalty, and will lead to increased customer lifetime value.

And the technical part?

We know, that easy implementation and system integration is always key. Etiya uses open APIs, and offers a modular system, that is flexible, highly scalable and allows easy integration. Business is constantly changing, as also the needs of customers, and this will constantly require new features and modifications. We use microservices, that will ensure this agility for you, to introduce or modify features and capabilities quickly.

Our CSM module is cloud-based for better scalability, flexibility and cost-effective operation and maintenance, but it can also be deployed on-premises and integrated with the customer’s existing products. Etiya offers consultation services throughout the customization and the implementation process, to find the solution that is most suitable to our partner’s needs.


  • AI-based, multichannel Customer Service Management system
  • 360-degree, in-context customer and ticket view
  • Configurable and role-based dashboards and reports populated in real time
  • Automated business process flow management
  • Ticket categorization, prioritization and recommendations with NLP and sentiment analysis
  • Intelligent ticket routing to appropriately skilled agents
  • Case tracking throughout the entire customer journey
  • Experience-based learning, analysing closed requests to learn how the problem is solved, and to make recommendation adjustments
  • Suggesting next best action to CSRs
  • Mobile app