Campaigns are indispensable at every stage of customer lifecycle. An effective campaign management tool is a must for marketers to run the most successful campaigns to increase customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty and revenue.

Why Etiya’s Campaign Management?

Etiya Campaign Management is created to help marketers design, execute, manage and measure marketing campaigns and customer-driven communication across all marketing channels. Etiya Campaign Management provides optimum and cost-effective campaign management by its groundbreaking features. It enables end-to-end implementation of personalized, high-return campaigns in all channels in a very short time via the powerful targeting capability of its artificial intelligence-supported optimization engine. It is also possible to track and report performance with advanced tracking and reporting tools.

Personalized Offers & Campaigns

Personalization is one of the important features that is needed at every stage of the customer lifecycle, helping to increase sales and revenue. Etiya Campaign Management helps marketers to send more personalized offers to each customer based on the recommendation system.

Advanced Customer Segmentation Capabilities

Etiya Campaign Management Platform not only allows marketers to create subsets of a market based on demographics, needs, priorities, common interests, and other psychographic or behavioral criteria but also allows marketers to group a variety of related marketing lists. Grouping similar consumers together allow marketers to target specific audiences in a cost-effective manner.

AI-Supported Optimization Engine

AI-supported optimization engine enables campaign optimization for each customer via advanced data analytics. It provides an increase in campaign efficiency and response via advanced prediction capabilities, channel preference, offer and target optimization.

Marketing Channel Support

Etiya Campaign Management Platform is supporting multi-channel marketing activities such as e-mail, Mobile marketing (push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS), Organic social media marketing, Chatbot marketing and Survey marketing.

Real-time Marketing Automation

Etiya Campaign Management Platform provides real time prediction and AI based offer recommendation considering customer behavior by using Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms.

And the technical part?

We know that easy implementation and system integration is always key. Etiya uses open APIs, and offers a modular system, that is flexible, highly scalable and allows easy integration. Business is constantly changing, as also the needs of customers, and this will constantly require new features and modifications. We use microservices, that will ensure this agility for you, to introduce or modify features and capabilities quickly.

Etiya Campaign Management Platform’s open API structure provides enhanced communication and easy integration with external data sources and 3rd party applications. The platform can be implemented on cloud or on-premise according to your needs. It also has integration with 20+ digital and traditional marketing channels.

Defines and groups different types of attributes which enable selecting and filtering data needed for segmentation. It is also possible to upload files by using the same flexible structure.

  • Excel-like grid-based filtering
  • Campaign launch within minutes
  • Targeting in seconds
  • Upload a list or search on datamart
  • 300+ variables to personalize
  • 20+ Predictive Analytics Scores

Configures different types of campaigns, manages their lifecycles, defines campaign offer relation or links to each other, and makes prioritization. Configures campaign-specific business rules regarding transitions between campaigns, campaign commitments, subscription changes during discount periods, and penalties.

  • Basic Campaign Info
  • Targeting
  • Offer Attachment
  • Channel-based campaign goals
  • Budget, Cost and Expense Monitoring

Enables marketers to optimize strategies throughout the campaign lifecycle to achieve the best possible response rates.

Applies numerous constraints, like targeting or managing iteration number for one customer during campaign execution to achieve the pre-selected campaign goals and to maximize revenues.

  • Channel Optimization
  • Audience Optimization
  • Budget Balancing
  • Revenue Maximization
  • Overlap Control

Creates a campaign execution plan based on activity types, schedules each activity for various frequencies.

  • Instant & Scheduled campaigns
  • Marketing Channel Support
  • Easy Integration with Email providers / SMS Gateways

Tracks activity delivery, sales status, and various campaign KPIs (goal, budget, cost) for each campaign and provides dashboards, reports.

  • Tracking long-term marketing trends
  • Tracking marketing success in terms of revenue, ARPU, cost
  • Deep insights for marketing decision-makers


  • Holistic campaign management across all channels
  • Lower campaign cycle time and time-to-market period
  • Lower costs of marketing campaigns via higher efficiency
  • More actionable leads to sales conversions in 50% less time and effort
  • 70% lower infrastructure cost via cloud implementation
  • Higher capability for developing personalized offers.
  • Higher campaign volume.
  • Improved response rates and business results via higher precision of campaign targeting.
  • Improved customer relationships, loyalty and lifetime value.