The quality of the digital channel interactions of companies with their customers affects customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Therefore, companies should provide a seamless experience through digital channels at every point that their customers need by providing fast and effective communication.

According to Gartner researches, by 2025, it is expected that 40% of customer service engagements will be handled through self-service in digital channels, and companies who adopt artificial intelligence technologies in customer service processes will increase their operational productivity by 25%.

Digital customer service and support technologies help companies to collect data from digital channels, analyze this data, and provide advanced reporting capabilities by enabling customer service teams to interact in real-time over the digital channels preferred by customers. 

Why Etiya Digital Interaction Management?

For companies who want to ease and enrich their digital customer interactions, Etiya Digital Interaction Management enables customer service and support teams to engage with customers through their preferred digital communication channels with effective social listening and proactive channel management using artificial intelligence technologies through a single platform.

Etiya Digital Interaction Management provides a competitive and critical enrichment for seamless communication with customers under all circumstances. With the platform, social listening and media tracking through digital channels are made possible. In addition, all notifications from social media and e-mail channels can be collected in a single environment and can be managed effectively and efficiently with the power of artificial intelligence. In this way, seamless customer complaint management can be performed in digital channels.

Thanks to the platform’s task management feature, Etiya ensures that all employees, even if they are remote, can access notifications from social media and e-mail channels in a single location. They can handle all messages quickly and easily from a single point. Thus, it facilitates coordination, cooperation, and teamwork, especially in the follow-up and management of digital channels.

The platform currently has a Turkish and English user interface and can make sentiment analyses in Turkish, English, French, and Spanish languages. In addition to these, developments continue to support more languages in a short time.

AI Supported Digital Customer Service

Etiya Digital Interaction Management is supported by artificial intelligence and provides a sentiment analysis process that includes natural language use, text analysis, and computational linguistic functions that identify customers' emotions. Therefore, it provides the opportunity to make customers’ sentiment analysis of digital channel interactions.

The keyword monitoring feature of the platform enables tracking and analysis of important keywords in digital channels, which allows social listening for both the company and its competitors. It is also possible to reach customer insights and manage customers proactively via keyword monitoring. With the noise filtering feature, irrelevant data from keywords are automatically tagged as 'spam' with artificial intelligence support and subsequently eliminated.

The platform offers proper commercial models with customized packages as well as the opportunity of fast installation via cloud infrastructure.

Supported Digital Channels: 

The platform currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, E-Mail, RSS, Apple AppStore, and Google Play digital channels. In addition, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Google MyBusiness, and Short message channels will be added to the product roadmap in the upcoming period.


  • Reach out to a bigger audience through digital channels
  • Reduce Opex cost in digital operations
  • Improve customer services in digital channels
  • Collect first-hand customer feedback and insight
  • Generate leads
  • Boost the brand’s loyalty and sales
  • Strengthen marketing strategy
  • Keep an eye on competitors
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