The quality of the digital channel interactions of companies with their customers affect customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Therefore, companies should provide a seamless experience through digital channels at every point that their customers need by providing fast and effective communication.
Digital customer service and support technologies help companies to collect data from digital channels, analyze this data, and provide advanced reporting capabilities by enabling customer service teams to interact in real-time over the digital channels preferred by customers.

Why Etiya’s Digital Interaction Management?
For companies who want to ease and enrich their digital customer interactions, Etiya Digital Interaction Management enables customer service and support teams to engage with customers through their preferred digital communication channels with effective social listening and proactive channel management using artificial intelligence technologies through a single platform.

Etiya Digital Interaction Management provides a competitive and critical enrichment for seamless communication with customers under all circumstances. With the platform, social listening and media tracking through digital channels are made possible. In addition, all notifications from social media and e-mail channels can be collected in a single environment and can be managed effectively and efficiently with the power of artificial intelligence. In this way, seamless customer complaint management can be performed in digital channels.

Digital Channel Listening
Etiya Digital Interaction Management listens and analyzes digital channels with keyword identification.
It provides easy complaint tracking and provides insight for Customer service and CX teams.

Managing From Single Platform
Etiya Digital Interaction Management allows for messages to arrive and be replied from one channel and eases communication with customers and keep tracking customer complaints.

AI-Driven Digital Customer Service
AI-driven platform can perform sentiment analysis, text analysis, categorization and spam / cyber attack detection in messages and interactions in digital channels.
Performing sentiment and text analysis in messages and engagements from digital channels helps companies to instantly identify customers complaints and enable immediate action.

Multi-Language Support
The platform currently has a Turkish, English and French user interface and can make sentiment analysis in Turkish, English, French, and Spanish languages.

And the technical part?
We know that easy implementation and system integration is always key. Etiya uses open APIs, and offers a modular system, that is flexible, highly scalable and allows easy integration. Business is constantly changing, as also the needs of customers, and this will constantly require new features and modifications. We use microservices, that will ensure this agility for you, to introduce or modify features and capabilities quickly.

Etiya Digital Interaction Management can be implemented on cloud or on-premise according to your needs.
Etiya Digital Interaction Management provides better quality, faster, and more effective digital channel experience for your customers. With the ability to integrate itself to the company’s existing CRM/CSM, it helps you to match and record customers interacted through digital channels with CRM data.

The platform currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Play Store, Apple Store, Huawei Store, Youtube, Chat-Live Chat, WhatsApp Business, Web, News and RSS channels.


  • Reach out to a bigger audience through digital channels
  • Reduce Opex cost in digital operations
  • Better digital channel service quality
  • Decrease in inbound calls to Call center
  • Better digital customer engagements
  • Boost the brand’s loyalty and sales
  • Collect first-hand customer feedback and insight
  • Better NPS scores
  • Categorization, sentiment and spam analysis through AI