Customers demand an end-to-end experience across all channels, and they can change their purchase and brand preferences after each transaction. Therefore, companies need to bridge the organizational gaps and personally engage with the customers to provide a personalized, integrated, and smooth experience across the entire customer journey.

Recently, companies have discussed how to implement effective digital "engagement hub" frameworks that meet both the customers’ demands and their strategic business goals.

According to Gartner, the customer engagement hub (CEH) is an architectural framework that combines multiple systems to ensure optimal customer engagement. It connects all departments together; for example, it allows the synchronization of marketing, sales, and customer service processes. 

CEH cannot be bought; it can only be built. However, building a CEH is inherently complicated, as it is almost always created within a pre-existing system.

As Etiya, we provide agile and need-based engagement solutions that focus on identifying the gaps in the CEH, and we help companies to build their tailored engagement structures by closing these gaps. Our systems can connect to the customers’ existing engagement systems, which maximizes investment in the other CEH areas of improvement.

Etiya’s need-based customer engagement solutions provide companies with the following capabilities:

By combining the different capabilities of the Etiya portfolio with our own artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics services, we develop end-to-end solutions that address specific business needs.

This agile, collaborative, and need-based solution approach enables companies to overcome their engagement pain points and to realize their engagement targets over a short period of time.

Etiya focuses on three main engagement use case topics, which comprise several of the main solutions that are necessary to build an engagement hub. They are as follows:

The customer journey can be defined as the entire experience that a customer has when interacting with the company. It may differ from profile to profile, from product to product, and even from time to time. A customer usually interacts with more than one department in a company, such as marketing, sales, or customer service.

For a satisfactory customer experience, all departments within the organization must work in harmony with the customers. Customer journey orchestration is vital in this complicated relationship. 

The customer journey orchestration bridges the gaps between the teams and systems in a company to manage the E2E customer journey. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of the CEH building process.

Etiya customer journey orchestration solutions provide the ability to enhance and deliver a seamless customer experience by influencing the journey in real time. This requires connecting channels, creating personalized experiences, and providing employees with more data along the entire customer lifecycle. 

Using our customer journey orchestration solutions, companies can interact with the customers, understand their needs and desires, decide on the next best action, and act in real time.

The Etiya customer journey orchestration solution can be customized according to the needs of customers, and comprises the following functions:

•    Next best action
•    Cross-channel personalized communication
•    Closing customer service gaps

Conversational marketing is a method of interacting with the customers in real time to deliver value across the channels using targeted messaging. This is mostly conducted through chatbots, digital messaging platforms, applications, and live chat.

Etiya provides powerful conversational marketing solutions, which allows real-time customer understanding and communication capabilities.

With its conversational marketing solutions, Etiya allows companies to convert their digital channel customers into leads and turn prospects into customers without the hassle of paperwork.

By effectively using conversational marketing capabilities, companies can drive the marketing engagement, increase loyalty, and grow the customer base. This will result in a better profitability. 

It also enables the marketing departments to use the customer service channels as new marketing engagement touchpoints.

Besides its messaging services, Etiya uses the leverage of AI, data analytics, campaigns, and digital interaction management capabilities in its conversational marketing solutions. This enables companies to better engage with their customers by understanding their preferences and creating personalized offers and recommendations accordingly.

Most customers ask for a personal, one-on-one experience during their engagement with the customer service and support departments. Customer service and support representatives (CSRs) need to make the customers feel important in order to avoid customer dissatisfaction. Improving the service management resources to enhance the customer experience, alongside providing support, increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty scores.

Etiya customer service solutions enable omnichannel conversational platforms with predictive and prescriptive recommendations, as well as automatically orchestrating workflows. It uses sentimental, contextual, and customer behavioral analyses that result in an increased CSR efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With Etiya customer service solutions, CSRs receive prepopulated information about the customers that is collected from multiple channels and ready to use. 
The root cause for each interaction is predicted, and the workflow provides prescriptive recommendations to communicate with the customer and solve the issues faster and on the first contact. 

As a result, CSRs spend more time focusing on improving the quality of the customer interactions and less time on operational issues. This increases the efficiency and reduces both the response and resolution times.



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