Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most powerful, transformative technologies that enable the development of new business models, new product/service offerings, and business ecosystems in many industries.
AI technologies help organizations to enhance performance and productivity by enabling effective automation which provides larger revenue increases, greater cost reduction, and higher customer loyalty.

Why Etiya’s AI Platform?

Etiya uses the building block of future technology, artificial intelligence technologies, and enables automation between service and operation processes. It allows companies to be able to offer personalized services and propositions through emotional, contextual predictions and recommendation mechanisms.

Advanced Capabilities with ML & NLP
Etiya AI Platform, Cognitus, is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that provides standardization, simple and centralized management, monitoring and improvement, easy ROI detection and measurement, fewer implementation failures, and scaling with its advanced capabilities along with advanced machine learning and natural language processing services.

Multi- language Support
The platform currently supports Turkish, English, French, and Spanish languages. In addition to these, developments continue to support more languages in a short time.

Digital Twin Technology

The Digital Twin engine, built on Etiya Artificial Intelligence Platform Cognitus, enables digital twins to be modeled, monitored, analyzed, and constantly updated with new data. In this way, it allows for visualizing, grouping, and managing the customers' behavior. Digital twins directly improve companies' processes by providing high-value-added analytical insights. In addition, they also allow system users to combine this information with different scenarios and make them functional.

With the Etiya Digital Twin engine, Cognitus makes it possible to create recommendations for each customer by using AI and ML technologies. These recommendations can be made for similar items, trending or promoted items, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and discount packages, or they can be based on similar users, basket content, or relevant sales points.

Etiya Digital Twin engine helps organizations in different verticals to quickly create digital twins from their existing data and integrate them into their systems. Digital twin engines can be used in different areas including customer experience management, segmentation and targeting, demand and resource forecasting, predictive maintenance, cost optimization, simulation, risk management, and process optimization.

For more information, please check our e-book "Using Digital Twins to Improve the Customer Experience".

Generative AI & LLMs

Generative AI technology has made a rapid entrance into our lives. We will frequently use GenAI technology in many of our products shortly. Etiya offers end-to-end LLM Ops service to its customers. In this way, it can provide instant updates to the system with success monitoring and performance tracking. Along with commercial Gen AI models' performance and cost optimization, Etiya also offers the power of open source Large Language Models. Data security and model control are ensured with Open Source Gen AI studies. Etiya Gen AI model serves its customers in a high-performance, multilingual manner. Models customized to customers' needs achieve higher success rates than large commercial models. Etiya offers its customers a safe and private GenAI experience with the model it developed. While Etiya reflects the dynamism of open source models to its customers, it can instantly integrate the latest models into products.

AI Consultancy

Etiya AI Consultancy helps organizations use AI technologies for the digital transformation of their workflows and processes. Consultancy covers the establishment and implementation of AI strategies for the organization and the planning of AI training.

Within the scope of the AI consultancy, Etiya helps companies define AI vision, identify suitable AI technologies for the organization, roadmap planning, and build an in-house AI team. In addition, a wide range of training services is offered to different roles, from senior managers to leaders who will implement AI projects.

Increasing Revenue & Reducing Costs
Etiya also offers innovative and experience-oriented approaches that will contribute to the digital transformation of the corporate processes of companies and create cost advantages with Artificial Intelligence-Cognitus supported products and solutions in its product portfolio. At this point, Cognitus which is also located at the heart of Etiya product architecture, works in harmony with all Etiya’s products, solutions, and services and enhances their features with AI capabilities.
These AI-supported Etiya products and solutions enable effective automation and operational productivity by making information understandable in different business areas.

And the technical part?

Etiya AI Platform, Cognitus, provides fast customization and scaling of the products, solutions, and services it offers, with its configuration capabilities. It immediately adapts itself to the internal and external processes of your organization and can be easily integrated with different products in your portfolio In addition, Cognitus helps organizations to adopt artificial intelligence with its self-learning skills, accessibility, easy configuration, and integration capabilities to different data sources.

Etiya helps you to define which method is more suitable for artificial intelligence implementation within your organization. Our expert team evaluates many variables such as corporate size, resource usage, cost, flexibility, regulations, organizational needs, etc., and offers alternatives to implement artificial intelligence in the cloud with AIaaS business model or at the center of your organization with on-premise business model.
AIaaS business model offers organizations the opportunity to reduce investment risk, have a transparent cost structure, and an agile way of doing business by offering all artificial intelligence services through cloud technologies.

On the other hand, the implementation of artificial intelligence at the center of the organizations with the on-premise business model provides benefits such as standardization, multi-tenant / multi-departmental usage, easy and central management, monitoring, scalability, creating identifiable and changeable artificial intelligence processes within the organization.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows for the presentation of personalized services and campaigns through customer data analysis. Cognitus can analyze and process words within texts with its advanced language knowledgeability and algorithms. Cognitus uses the processed and structured data according to the scenario needed to increase the productivity of business processes and provide automation. Cogtinus NLP services support Turkish, English, French, and Spanish languages.

Cognitus provides many NLP use cases to organizations. The most important use cases of NLP are related to customer service which affect the cost, service levels, and customer satisfaction. In addition, there are use cases supporting customer service representatives which make them more effective in their work.

NLP comprises many areas. In the area of virtual assistants, the solutions range from complex conversational assistants to simpler text chatbots. In the area of text analytics, functionality includes speech analytics, sentiment and emotion detection, document classification, document summarization, information extraction, text search, and insight.
Cognitus offers the following services within the scope of natural language processing and sample usage scenarios that can be created using these services.

NLP Services

Use Case

Sample Scenario

Language Detection

Product Recommendation

Real-time recommendation during customer support

Automated Response Generation

Selling via chatbot or virtual assistant

Text Classification

Voice of Customer

Detect most related topics of customers analyzing what customers are following.

Automated Categorization

Automated categorization for Human Resources chatbot content

Intent Classification

Market & Risk Analysis

Analyzing customer buying behavior.

Automated Response Generation

Generate automated responses based on customer mail/call content

Named Entity Recognition

Voice of Customer

Detect most related topics from data shared by customer

Sentiment Analysis

Task Prioritization

Threat analysis for customer calls

Voice of Customer

Analyzing customer sentiments from data shared by customer

Mock/Spam Detection


Detecting abuse content in shared data

Keyword Extraction

Voice of Customer

Detect most related topics from data shared by customer


For more use cases, please contact us by filling out the form below.

Machine learning (ML) is a technical discipline that aims to extract knowledge or patterns from a series of observations. Cognitus focuses on ML and its domains Deep Learning (DL) and Predictive Analytics.

Cognitus ML services present predictive recommendations using pre-learning methods to use deep learning systems and suitable algorithms that can help gather information regarding your customers’ preferences, and behaviors.

By analyzing your customers’ past behavior, evaluating which products they like, you can determine the product/service that your customer is most likely to purchase based on their preferences and then you can recommend it in real-time with Cognitus Recommendation Engine.

With advanced machine learning algorithms and expert field knowledge, it presents new ways to make the decision-making processes for your customers easier and strengthen their purchasing possibility, as well. ML services provide insight into topics such as product recommendations, next best action, predictions of cancellations, potential scoring, and possible fraud detection.

Predictive analytics is a strategic technology being applied by business leaders in various departments within organizations, including marketing, claims, customer service, and production. It is enabling real-time automated event detection, decision support, risk modeling, and customer profiling, which will assist business leaders in driving revenue enhancements, avoiding loss, and improving customer experiences.

Cognitus offers the following services within the scope of Machine Learning and sample usage scenarios that can be created using these services.

ML Services

Use Case

Sample Scenario

Attribute Based / History Based Recommendation

Product Recommendation

Real-time recommendation during customer support


Category based purchasing analysis and prediction

Sales & Demand forecasting

Next Best Action

Recommend best action for a customer

Smart Agent Matching

Smart matching of customer call agents with customers

Anomaly Detection

Fraud Detection

Credit Card / Online Payment fraud detection

Dynamic Clustering

Market & Risk Analysis

Analyzing customer buying behavior.

Intent Classification

Market & Risk Analysis

Analyzing customer buying behavior.

Automated Response Generation

Generate automated responses based on customer mail/call content


  • Increased operational efficiency through accelerated processes
  • Easy identification of potential problems and improvement points at customer/user contact points and operations
  • Increased sales, usage rates, and customer loyalty thanks to customer experience enriched with personalized forecasts and recommendations
  • Uninterrupted and seamless user experience through multi-channel integrated processes
  • Competitive advantage with increased customer/user satisfaction
  • Fast customization and scaling with ease of configuration
  • Ability to work integrated to cloud-based or enterprise systems
  • Easy adaptation to all internal and external user processes
  • Applicability to many different data sources (e-mail, survey, corporate data, forum etc.)