3 Why Etiya

Why Etiya?

What should be the strategic priorities for sustainable profitability in the business world? This question has not just one answer at all. Moreover, such an item will have continually changing responses as a result of the internal and external variables that each institution has. Over the last ten years, it has become a radically different proficiency for strategists to set priorities in the new economy.

In this era of transformation, companies cannot form long-term strategies properly. Therefore, the question of how institutions particularly will plan their technology investments for more micro-scaled different functional processes has started to become much more critical.This technology investment responsibility burden, which was previously on the shoulders of technology leaders, has evolved to be the joint responsibility of both commercial and technology leaders as the customer experience-oriented approaches coming to the fore. In this decade, that burden is significant and challenging for companies to survive.

Now, from the structure of the data to the right information that will form purchasing decisions, technology solution partners should be not only suppliers but also reliable long-term stakeholders of commercial and technology leaders outside the company. Since its establishment, Etiya, as a technology business partner, has been working to serve a particular objective: Build flexible technologies that support and empower decision processes for commercial and technology leaders.

For this purpose, Etiya continues to design and implement all forms of business conduct to guarantee sector-independent progress over the years. It focuses primarily on understanding the market, directing its R&D, making its operations perfect, and developing expertise accordingly within the company.


"Connected Customer First" Approach

The digital transformation has been ultimately introducing technology into the daily life of end- users for about two decades. Thereby, a significant part of the customer journey is now occurring on the internet. Online processes particularly become first to the critical factors affecting the experience-oriented purchasing decisions of customers who adapt to transformation.

Etiya believes in a technological development that prioritizes the market and customer dynamics. It fundamentally highlights the capabilities that make "the connected customer" experience perfect while designing and developing all of its products. In the new economy, companies should be able to receive technology investments' feedbacks very quickly. All Etiya functions, mainly R&D, are fed from such feedbacks as a profitability and efficiency stakeholder of commercial and technology leaders.


R&D Focus - AI-driven Capabilities with In-house AI Platform:

Connected customer approach requires focusing on the concepts of intelligence and connectivity, which are also vital and fundamental elements of the spatial web era, which will take place in the center of life shortly.

AI and 5G will be the common denominators of all technologies that will shape the next 20 years. Companies that can manage these two correctly will be able to provide sustainable differentiation or cost advantages.

Etiya takes into account the feedback of companies and the changes in the market to shape its R&D strategies. Etiya also uses its own AI platform, which is an output of R&D studies, to develop the AI capabilities of all its products. As a result, AI is an integrated component of all Etiya products. Therefore, companies can actualize the opportunity to use AI-powered Etiya products as leverage in areas where human resources fall behind, such as cost advantage, process optimization, and understanding of customer dynamics.


DevOps Methodology

Market dynamism has dramatically increased in the new economy. Changing market conditions necessitate sustainable adaptation for companies. Thereby speed has a distinctive meaning for them. On the one hand, the speed of decision processes within the companies is essential.

On the other hand, the technologies that maintain these decision processes must be able to keep up with speed. Market conditions no longer create simple requirements. They are quite complicated, and parametric variables cannot control them. In such cases, it is imperative for technology partners to form speed appropriate to the market dynamics.

Thanks to the effective use of DevOps methodology, Etiya can provide product development support suitable for the needs of companies in dynamic market conditions. DevOps methodology allows companies to step forward by enforcing consistency and improving up-time; managing requirements and code-repository; continuous build and push-button deployments; regiment processes, automated testing; and tracking both times at each stage, and the errors and exceptions.


Agile Delivery Methodology

Although DevOps methodology makes a significant difference in terms of product adaptation to changing market conditions, Etiya also uses additional business methods for sustainable technology collaboration. In a market structure where dynamism always triggers change, the most effective partnerships are possible by using multiple methodologies together with a correct inhouse balance.

Etiya welcomes any changes with its agile delivery methodology. It is adaptive rather than predictive. Moreover, it is people-oriented rather than process-oriented. Therefore, Etiya can achieve the right timing for corporations to keep up with the market dynamics by catching speed increases of up to x3 in their internal processes. Thus companies become digital-ready in a matter of months via fast delivery of products and solutions.


Microservice-based Architecture

Another factor supporting DevOps and Agile-delivery methodologies is Etiya's microservice-based product architecture. 

Organizations need complex products that enable connected customer experience to deliver in dynamic markets.

Etiya's real-time automated digital platforms use microservices to speed time-to-market for new products and enable easy experimentation with new business models and service concepts. By using microservice-based architecture, operations remain undisturbed while being augmented.

Hence Etiya microservice architecture enables the rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of large, complex products essential for the best connected-customer experience.


Turn-key end-to-end Digital Transformation Expertise

Commercial leaders, concentrating on the connected customer experience, need technology leaders to be able to deliver technology just in time to step forward of the market. The most important factor that strengthens the existence of the technology partner in this relation is the E2E delivery success.

While companies focus only on the digital transformation in their areas, Etiya accumulates the transformation experiences of all customers' areas with its inhouse capabilities listed above and reflects this experience on its products.

Therefore, Etiya allows commercial and technology leaders to build an E2E technology business partnership expertise. As a result of the accumulated transformation expertise, companies utilize a sustainable and complete product portfolio.


The Nimble Organization, Fast Business Processes, Full Accountability

A correct organizational structure is a key factor for a sustainable, profitable business partnership. Etiya believes in investing in people, similar to technology, continuously and uninterruptedly. For this investment to produce effective results, Etiya is progressing in a nimble organizational structure.

Etiya's nimble organization has the sustained ability to quickly and effectively respond to the demands of change while continually delivering high performance. It has made a strategic decision to keep the organization nimble by taking full accountability of the project speed, agility, and the fast execution of business processes.