Customers demand a high level, consistent and transparent service from all channels and mostly they use more than one channel during a single transaction. For customer satisfaction high service quality is a must. Hence companies should be able to provide customer interaction history across all channels, personalized shopping experience, self-care and online account management. 

Etiya Omnichannel Digital Frontend provides seamless, consistent and integrated customer experience from any device or channel. Self-care customers can access and manage their account anytime, anywhere, on any device, with each channel being aware of what has been done at other channels. Through a high-performance user interface, they can add or remove services or seek answers. This reduces the load on call centers and sales representatives and increases satisfaction. 

Through Etiya customer interaction analytics and autonomous learning, companies can launch campaigns to specific customer profiles. 

The result is high quality customer engagements and positive customer experiences. 

Etiya Omni Channel Digital Frontend is pre-integrated with other Etiya products, such as Product Catalog Management, to provide an end-to-end solution. Etiya Omni Channel Digital Frontend can also be used as a frontend to existing systems and is easily integrated via open APIs. 


  • Enables customers to convey their demands and make the transactions they wish by themselves
  • Provides online detailed information
  • Orders can be completed via a different channel than the channel where order entry is started
  • Provides usage details for customers
  • Enables customers to make product changes
  • Provides contextualized personalized help as needed
  • Enables order tracking, including problem resolution development process
  • Provides access to corporate catalogs including third party catalog
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