Increasing customer expectations bring reduced customer tolerance to poor quality service and delays in delivery. While customers want to track end-to-end order status on their preferred channels, there is a tendency to cancel or make last-minute changes to orders in the absence of this. The quality of service risk level is further elevated for complex, multi-vendor-created packages due to uncoordinated order processes. 

Etiya Order Management provides flexible, catalog-driven order capture, decomposition, validation, negotiation, orchestration, and execution with jeopardy, exception, and fall-out management. It flexibly configures and customizes all customer interaction flows between a company and its customers. It captures orders from all sales portals and validates orders to maintain business integrity. It can handle millions of orders per day. Catalog-driven order fulfillment enables operators to speed new offers to market and make fulfillment process changes with ease. 

Etiya Order Management utilizes catalog definitions to dynamically recognize, transform, decompose, and execute customer orders, eliminating the need for IT involvement. Automated and manual tasks and processes can be defined via a graphical design environment. Business rules from the company’s product and service catalog ensure a safe and secure order entry. 


  • Unified order capture for all channels
  • Improved customer experience with full order visibility, including expected completion time
  • Micro-process identification that can simplify the design or management of complex business processes
  • Ability to store resources while verifying customer and service compliance (such as credit, blacklist control, and inventory control) for business integrity
  • Dynamic rules supporting individual case management (such as offering alternative if service is not delivered as promised)
  • Intelligent risk management
  • Operational order flow reporting (order status - in process, risky, timely, etc.)
  • Automatic and manual task management
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