Customers have increased expectations and reduced tolerance to delivery delays and poor quality service. They want to have end-to-end order status visibility on their preferred channel; without it they are likely to abandon the order or make last-minute changes. The service quality risk is even higher in case of complex, multi-vendor bundles because of uncoordinated fulfillment processes. And when companies are sitting on old legacy systems, usually the order process is carried out via many, separately operating platforms, that might not communicate automatically with each other, therefore it makes the whole order process fragmented, while manual processes also hugely increase the risk of errors.

Why Etiya’s Order Management?

Covering the order flow in its entirety, Etiya Order Management provides flexible, catalog-driven order capture, decomposition, validation, negotiation, orchestration, and execution with jeopardy, exception and fallout management. It flexibly configures and customizes all customer interaction flows between a company and its customers. It captures orders from all sales channels and validates them to maintain business integrity. It can handle millions of orders per day.

Technology behind increased efficiency and better revenue generation

Etiya Order Management utilizes Product Catalog definitions to dynamically recognize, transform, decompose, and execute customer orders, eliminating the need for IT involvement. Business rules coming from the catalog ensure an accurate, safe and secure order entry on any channel.

Guided selling prompts support order entry, to avoid errors. The system automatically validates the order entry and provides error correction to reduce order fallout. This intelligent fallout and jeopardy management radically reduces operational costs and by increasing the number of successful orders, also allows better revenue generation.

For increased flexibility, the system also supports inflight ordering, change and cancellation.
Catalog-driven processes enable operators to speed new offers to market and make fulfillment process changes with ease.

Automated and manual tasks and flows can be defined via a graphical design environment. There, users can define atomic process elements to simplify design or management of complex processes, without IT help.

Technology supporting better customer experience, leading to improved customer lifetime value

Customers need to feel that they are in control during the whole order process. That means, that operators have to provide an end-to-end, real-time order visibility and order tracking function. It is important for customers to know, that the company can deliver on what is promised, when the order is placed.

During the order process, resources can be reserved while customer and service eligibility are being verified, such as credit and black-list checks and inventory checks, both to ensure business integrity, and also to avoid situations, when the selected product is gone from inventory by the time the necessary checks go through.

By utilizing the power of machine learning, delivery times are calculated and managed so that orders are completed as committed, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Built-in, dynamic rules support business exception processing, such as alternative actions if the service will not be delivered as promised. So even in such cases, customers can feel, that the company is striving to offer an equally good or next-best solution for them.

Real-time tracking with milestone notifications, self-service order management opportunities, like modifications or cancellations made available for customers, provides the necessary transparency and control in the order flow, that will make them feel good and comfortable with their decision, that they have chosen your product!

And the technical part?

We know, that easy implementation and system integration is always key. Etiya uses open APIs, and offers a modular system, that is flexible, highly scalable and allows easy integration. Business is constantly changing, as also the needs of customers, and this will constantly require new features and modifications. We use microservices, that will ensure this agility for you, to introduce or modify features and capabilities quickly.

Our Order Management module is pre-integrated with other products in the Etiya product portfolio, like Product Catalog or CPQ, but can also be implemented stand-alone and integrated with the customer’s existing products. Etiya offers consultation services throughout the customization and the implementation process, to find the solution that is most suitable to our partner’s needs.


  • Real-time, catalog-driven, dynamic order management with full order visibility for improved customer experience
  • Unified order capture for all channels
  • Allows inflight ordering, change, and cancellation, and supports bulk orders
  • Intelligent jeopardy and comprehensive fallout management, with automatic order entry validation and error correction
  • Ability to store resources while verifying customer and service compliance (such as credit, blacklist control, and inventory control) for business integrity
  • Real time order visibility, supported by Gannt charts, process flows, and milestone notifications, provides end-to-end order traceability to operations teams and customers.
  • Dynamic rules supporting individual case management (such as offering alternative, if service is not delivered as promised)
  • Support for both the commercial layer and the service order layer
  • Built-in technical catalog
  • Automatic and manual task management
  • Operational order flow reporting
  • Graphical design environment developed for business users
  • Micro-process identification that can simplify the design or management of complex business processes
  • Hierarchical processes, with relationships and inheritance models
  • Full BPMN 2.0 support