Putting the Connected Customer First

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2019-05-06 Etiya Marketting

For the last few years service providers have been planning and undergoing massive digital transformations of their businesses. The common focus has been on transforming their technologies, culture and processes to meet the agility needs of 5G, virtualization, and digital services. Traditional digital transformations are long and costly, including significant modifications to many internal and external company systems and processes.

While those are valid and important areas to focus on, they are really only the tools or infrastructure required to accomplish a digital transformation. Just upgrading them will not meet the expectations of the new economy.

Customer experience transformation is the name of the game

In fact, the customer’s experience is at the heart of the new economy. The customer’s experience is the primary driver for service provider’s loyalty and revenue generation. So the equation is simple: a successful digital transformation must focus on providing an exceptional customer experience above all else.

The Connected Generation depend on their mobile devices for everything and want a completely digital, online experience. They reject the fuss of retail stores and expect their services to be provisioned and activated immediately. Their loyalty to their service provider is limited and driven by their experience. That experience needs to be fast, personalized, accurate, and consistent across multiple digital channels.

Etiya has created a unique transformation approach called “Connected Customer First,” which puts the highest priority on the digital customer’s experience throughout the service provider’s journey to transform themselves into digital companies.

The Connected Customer First (CCF) approach is not only a strategic goal, but also a very practical one that enables service providers to implement the digital customer experience immediately. With CCF, service providers can capture the early-adopter, digital savvy consumer market right away while, in parallel and simultaneously, pursuing their longer term, comprehensive corporate digital transformation.

Etiya provides a proven Digital Business Platform that makes the “Connected Customer First” all-digital customer experience a reality. Service providers can either prioritize the Connected Customer in the long transformation process or set up digital sub-brands from scratch, becoming digital-ready in a matter of months. Using agile processes and advanced modular, open, real-time technologies, service providers can quickly implement zero-touch automation and a 100% digital channel customer engagement. They can roll out new offers in hours and create new business models in days.

AI-driven capabilities enable the personalization and flexibility demanded by Connected Customers. And a Cloud-compatible implementation significantly reduces up-front CapEx so the costs grow as the business grows.

As a result, service providers can quickly provide a CCF digital experience while minimizing costs and disruption to their existing IT processes and providing the flexibility to easily embrace new ways of doing business. That means faster time to profit.

Etiya’s CCF approach is not a theoretical one. We have already launched North American new sub-brand, all-digital mobile and internet provider. Creating the connected customer experience and building an end-to-end digitalization journey were the highest priorities for the brand.

Etiya is ready to manage your transformation as a digital transformation partner with our agile, grounded, and proven CCF approach.

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