Nowadays products and services are more complex and personalized, hence it is more difficult for organizations to manage a wide range of products and pricing alternatives. Product pricing becomes difficult when pricing is based on dynamic parameters and the need for separate configurations for each channel increases the cost of creating new proposals.  

When sales representatives are not able to apply the required discounts and control the prices, sales opportunities can easily be lost and serious losses in order rates may occur due to wrong orders. 

Effective bid management is inevitable for effective sales operation. 

Etiya Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) manages the complexity of multiple services carried out by different functions in a single offer, making complex product, pricing and business rules centrally, automatically and in real time accessible. It helps to produce accurate and structured offers. 

Despite a constantly changing spectrum of variables, products and services are priced accurately and validated and reserved in real-time, resulting in accurate quotes and significantly reduced order fall-out. 

Etiya CPQ focuses on customizing quotes in order to determine the best offer for the customer, enhances sales efficiency by providing the ability to generate the best possible offerings, and increases revenue through increased efficiency of all channels. Sales representatives are empowered to use discounts to offer competitive prices to their customers. 

Etiya CPQ relies on Etiya Product Catalog Management, Omni Channel Digital Frontend, and Order Management to provide the end customer with a consistent cross-channel experience as well as creating the best offer. 


  • Product configurator; creates simple or complex bundle offers and associate with discounts and commitments      
  • Pricing engine; offers the best price to the customer based on events, rules, and behaviors
  • Quoting system; creates a consistent quote where all rules are applied in real-time   
  • Proposal management; manages the proposal process from creation to customer delivery, quickly creates proposals with pre-built templates, including company branding features
  • Contract & order entry/order negotiations; associates proper service types with appropriate contracts during the order process, validates performance during the order process
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