As digital services become more complex and personalized, service providers find it hard to manage this wide range of product and pricing alternatives. It is difficult to launch products on the market, when prices depend on dynamic parameters that are captured at order time. Since separate developments need to be done for each front-end channel it is costly to create new offers. And deals are lost when sales agents can’t apply discounts and can’t control pricing appropriately. Many service providers face high order fallout rates because of inaccurate orders, which raises costs and exasperates customers.

Why Etiya’s CPQ?

Etiya Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) takes an innovative, agile, collaborative, and modular approach that incorporates real-time analysis. It enables service providers to offer—consistently across all channels—validated quotes that best fit the customer. For the B2B market, Etiya CPQ manages the complexity of generating multiple engineered services (usually handled by separate departments) and combining them into a single quote. For the retail market, Etiya CPQ focuses on customizing packages to determine which one is best for the customer.

Efficiency and accuracy results in lower costs and higher revenues

Effective bid management is essential for a successful sales operation. Etiya CPQ relies on a product catalog, that provides a single, reliable centralized source of all product and pricing related information, with built-in discounting, eligibility, compatibility and availability rules. Therefore it eliminates pricing errors and ad-hoc discounting, and through pre-configured building blocks, it allows to create flexible quotes faster, even for complex products and bundles.

Despite a constantly changing spectrum of variables, products and services are priced accurately, validated and reserved in real-time, resulting in accurate quotes and significantly reduced order fallout. Sales representatives are empowered to use discounts to offer competitive prices to their customers, but built-in discount and eligibility rules also provide margin protection for the company

Sales does not have to rely on manual processes any more, automation helps them in every step of the way to provide smooth quotation, offer validation and approval. This increases sales efficiency and decreases operational costs at the same time.

Time can be crucial in a quoting process, and using our system ensures that the best available offer reaches your customer much faster.

Data-driven insights, for better targeting and monetization

Knowing your customer is essential in order to provide a tailored quote, that best fits their needs. Real-time customer data analysis provides the necessary insights for sales, so that agents can create the best quote for their customers. Whether it is a package better optimized for their usage habits, an up-sell or cross-sell offer to provide additional service opportunities, or a churn-preventing offer to retain your customer, it will definitely lead to a better relationship and result in higher satisfaction and improved revenues.

Excellent customer experience, consistently across channels

So, customers get what suits their needs best, and get it really fast. And they also receive a consistent service across their journey. As the whole company uses the same data source, customers experience the same, flawless and quick process in every stage, from quoting, through order fulfilment, up until financial settlement. There are no discrepancies between various channels either, as Etiya CPQ uses OmniChannel Management, and Order Management to provide a consistent cross-channel experience along the entire journey. This consistent, easy-to-handle and fast process will ensure excellent customer experience for all customer segments.

And the technical part?

We know, that easy implementation and system integration is always key. Etiya uses open APIs, and offers a modular system, that is flexible, highly scalable and allows easy integration. Business is constantly changing, as also the needs of customers, and this will constantly require new features and modifications. We use microservices, that will ensure this agility for you, to introduce or modify features and capabilities quickly.

The product is pre-integrated with other products in the Etiya product portfolio, like Product Catalog or Order Management, but can also be implemented stand-alone, and integrated with the customer’s existing products.

Etiya offers consultation services throughout the customization and the implementation process, to find the solution that is most suitable to our partner’s needs


  • Create simple or complex bundle offers and associate them with discounts and sales commitments with the help of a product catalog defining pricing and rules
  • Flexible configuration features support Product Catalog definition and their association with channels
  • Create a consistent quote where all rules are applied in real-time Save the quote for a configurable period of time
  • Manage the proposal process from creation to customer delivery
  • Quickly create proposals with pre-built templates and company branding
  • Incorporate approval mechanisms for proposal content