5 Achievements

Pipeline Innovation Award

Etiya is the winner in the 'Innovation in Customer Experience' category at the 2022 Pipeline Innovation Awards for CRM/Consent Management. Additionally, we have been selected as a Runner-up in the Editor’s Choice category. This prestigious award highlights the significance of security and the protection of customer data, along with related personalization and control features, which are indispensable for providing excellent customer experiences

TMF Catalyst Award

Etiya has received the Outstanding Catalyst award in the 'Impact on Society and Sustainability' category at DTW Copenhagen from TM Forum.

In this project, we showcased our capabilities in providing marketplace and business process management for the agriculture industry.

Pipeline Innovation Award

Etiya has been awarded with the Most Innovative Technology Provider award for its Campaign Management Platform at the 2021 Pipeline Innovation Awards.

Etiya's campaign management platform, featuring cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, Helm charts, zero downtime canary, and blue-green deployments, has been recognized as the winner of this prestigious award.

With its innovative technical capabilities, this award-winning platform assists companies in managing engaging and personalized holistic campaigns across all marketing channels. Its user-friendly and flexible UI, advanced optimization, and segmentation capabilities empower companies to run highly successful campaigns.

Telecom prize

Etiya Digital BSS has been awarded with the Telecom Prize in the category 'the most innovative product/solution – vendor,' presented by the Faster Community. The awarded Digital BSS offers companies an AI-Based, Customer-centric, End-to-End digital experience.

2020 CandE Awards

Despite the difficulties the world is facing, the recruitment process that we have executed has been awarded by Talent Board with the "CandE Awards" once again!
We have been announced among the first 3 companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions that provide the best experience for their candidates.
As Etiya, we are proud of being awarded CandE Awards for the last 3 years.

FutureNet World Awards 2020

Adopting "DevOps Methodology" its projects lead Etiya to be nominated as one of the finalists for FutureNet awards 2020 in the “Most Innovative Automated Service Orchestration Solution” category.

2020 Leading Lights Awards

Etiya was selected as a finalist with its "5G Intelligent Slicing Platform" in the "Most Innovative 5G Technology" category for Leading Lights Awards, organized by Light Reading publishing every year.

Network slicing is the major part of 5G network technology as it allows companies to unlock the real potential of the new digital era. Etiya's "5G Intelligent Slicing Platform" enables operators to offer flexible AI based slicing to monetize and manage their 5G ecosystem.

Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards

We attended the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards, which was held in 2018 and 2019 by an international non-profit organization, The Talent Board, to assess experiences of candidates in the process of recruitment by companies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We managed to be ranked among the top companies that offer the best candidate experience.

Our unique experience that we provide in our recruitment processes was awarded in the evaluation based on many criteria such as the positive experience of the candidates, the possibility of reapplying to the same company, the recommendation to others and the willingness to further business relations with the employer.

2019 Outstanding Customer Centricity Finalist

Etiya was announced as finalist for “Outstanding Customer Centricity" category in the TMForum Excellence Awards 2019 with its Fizz project. Fizz mobile and internet brand launched in late 2018 with rave reviews. Fizz provides a completely digital, online customer experience for do-it-yourself smart digital consumers. There are no retail stores. Services are provisioned immediately, SIMs are delivered to the user within a few hours, and activation occurs immediately. The customer’s digital journey is a fun gaming experience with rewards, badges, and perks. They are treated as members of the Fizz community, not as customers. Fizz runs on Etiya’s business and network infrastructure, using virtualized software on a public cloud. This minimizes CapEx, enables implementation in 10 months, and scales easily.

2019 Pipeline Innovation Awards Runner- up

Etiya was selected as a Runner-up in categories “Innovation in BSS” and “Editor’s Choice” in the Pipeline Innovation Awards 2019. Etiya adopts “Connected Customer First” approach, and prioritizes the utilization of digital customer experience during the digitalization journey of the customers with its AI Driven Digital BSS.

This approach provides a cloud compatible, AI-driven Digital BSS which makes also setting up Digital sub-brands possible for operators that target Connected Customers and who needs a ‘clean break’ from existing systems, processes and culture, faster. Etiya’s AI Driven Digital BSS awarded by Pipeline for its significant innovations.

2019 Distruptive Innovation Award

Etiya received the “Disruptive Innovation Award” for its work with Fizz, a completely digital mobile and internet sub-brand that provides an online customer experience for do-it-yourself smart digital consumers. Etiya specializes in enabling digital transformation of service providers that prioritize the digital customer experience. Its Digital BSS solution enables operators to take a “clean break” from existing systems, processes and culture by setting up digital sub-brands that target digital-savvy customers. Etiya deployed end-to-end, turnkey BSS, OSS, and network core for Vidéotron’s “digital first” Fizz brand. Fizz runs on Etiya’s AI-driven, Cloud-based Digital Business Platform, which enables fast and effective transformations, minimizes CapEx, enables fast implementation, and scales easily.

TM Forum Excellence Awards

Etiya has been named a finalist in two 2015 TM Forum Excellence Awards. A distinguished panel of industry executives and experts selected it as a finalist in the Agile Business & IT — Solution Provider category and its implementation at Avea as a finalist in the Customer Centricity — Service Provider category.

Etiya’s Catalog Driven B/OSS and real-time resource management solution was selected for the Agile Business & IT — Solution Provider award for demonstrating the most innovative and effective use of TM Forum Frameworx to deliver tangible cost reduction, risk reduction and improve time-to-market.

2015 Customer Centricity Award

Etiya’s Catalog-Driven Order Management (CDOM) for Customer Centricity aims to simplify order management, provide an end-to-end visibility of orders, and improve delivery times and fulfillment of all products/bundles. Avea chose Etiya’s Telaura solutions to launch Project UNICORN, placing a centralized product catalog, unified order capture and customer order orchestration layer at the core of Avea’s ecosystem.

The Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards

Etiya won the GTB Awards for Consumer Service Innovation in 2014! Through comprehensive solutions in the fields of Telecommunication, Media, Utilities, Etiya has helped companies gain competitive advantage by offering business solutions, such as CRM, Data Warehouse & Big Data. Analytics.

The SEP project developed specifically for TTNET, which includes Customer Relationship Management, Product and Catalog Management, Order Management and Complaint Management products, which carries out end-to-end customer processes, was awarded with the category "Consumer Innovation".