A product catalog is the detailed list of the inventory of a store. For effective sales management the sales teams, retailers and other partners need to have the most up-to-date product information, pricing, and digital assets.

Product catalog management leads to powerful product data management across all channels. It makes sure that the product data is of high quality across all sales channels. It includes organizing, standardizing and publishing all product data to each sales channel.

Etiya Product Catalog Management supports and manages the product lifecycle by managing services, marketing, commercial and technical catalogs. It provides flexible offer and catalog configuration and enables quick time to market.

Etiya Product Catalog Management provides a single, centralized source for all product and service information, thereby increasing accuracy and reducing operational costs. It is managed simultaneously as both a technical and a commercial catalog.

Companies can create and manage products, from simple to very complex, as well as new, single or bundled offers. Time-to-market is accelerated through reusable building blocks and flexible product configuration.

The product is natively integrated with other products in the Etiya Product Portfolio or can be implemented stand-alone, to serve as the central product catalog and business rule repository.


  • Centralized product catalog, keeping technical, marketing, and financial information for products and services, increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Product lifecycle management, assuring revenues before releasing offers to the market
  • Business consistency and unified customer experience across all channels via centralized business validations Dynamic rule engine and algorithm-driven autonomous learning capabilities
  • Supports complicated service, business, and marketing rules to enable personalized customer interactions
  • Easy configuration and fast time-to-market via reusable building blocks
  • Dynamic pricing calculators based on offer, sales channel, business interactions, and organizations
  • Specializing catalogues and offers according to sales channels, regions, segments, customer groups, etc.
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