Etiya’s flexible and scalable managed services program provides a combination of on-site and off-site resourcing. The benefits of Etiya’s outsourcing services include:

Etiya offers development of customized solutions to increase service provider efficiency and agility and limit dependencies on internal IT and inefficient legacy B/OSS systems. For example,

Service-oriented Architecture: Etiya offers SOAs through its black-box, loosely-coupled, self-contained business services. Each service logically represents a business activity with a specified outcome.

Enterprise Integration: Etiya leverages its deep knowledge and broad experience to support service provider enterprise integration projects. Queuing mechanisms, logging, reporting, and exception handling techniques are used to ensure efficient quality. Etiya has proficiency in many protocols, including REST APIs, web services, ftp, and socket.

Customized Applications: Etiya develops, implements, and customizes the solution that an operator needs. The solution can be based on an existing Etiya product or can be custom-built.

Test automation tools enhance software quality. Etiya supports Selenium software testing, continuous integration, and reporting.