Digital transformation is key for higher operational agility, efficiency, cost reduction and improved customer experience, therefore it is an inevitable process for CSPs to survive in the new digital economy. Without a modern IT background, not even the best business strategies can succeed. Legacy systems are not just costly to maintain, but their inflexibility creates an obstacle to future business growth.

Why Etiya’s Digital Business Platforms?

Etiya Digital BSS will create outstanding value for your business. It does not only provide a new level of technical capabilities, but also offers a modern infrastructure to create an all-digital customer experience, with the personalization and flexibility demanded by Connected Customers. All this is possible in a matter of months, while ensuring business continuity and, at the same time, reducing traditional BSS costs and improving operational efficiency.

Advanced technology to enable better customer focus

Etiya’s expertise and capabilities in Artificial Intelligence are utilized to differentiate our AI-driven BSS platform through better customer insights, more personalized customer experiences and improved process automation. Knowing your customers’ needs and needs allows personalized customer interactions and service targeting, and supports smart decision making during the customer journey, that will ultimately drive both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To support BSS capabilities, Etiya uses innovative AI technologies, including machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques. Digital Twin models, integrated Predictive analytics and Next Best Action (NBA) recommendations help companies to enhance customer experiences and enable sustainable business growth.

Modular, flexible, scalable and cost-effective digital solutions

Etiya Digital BSS is a cloud-native, microservices-based digital platform, offering a modular solution that is flexible and highly scalable. It is built in accordance with the ODA standards and principles of TM Forum, and it also uses Open APIs, therefore allowing easy integration and enabling CSPs to transform into an agile digital operation.

As a result of its modularity and API-driven architecture, CSPs can select to launch a full-stack new BSS platform, to replace their legacy software, or modernize it step-by-step, by choosing which platform components they want first and add new solutions later, as needed. Individual BSS modules can be integrated seamlessly with other modules or with the customer’s existing systems any time.

Evolving market and customer needs will constantly require new product features and modifications. Etiya Digital BSS uses microservices, that will provide CSPs with the necessary speed and agility to introduce or modify product features and capabilities quickly. This will accelerate time-to-market for new products and services, and allow CSPs to experiment with new business models and service concepts easily.

Etiya’s Digital BSS is cloud-native for excellent scalability, flexibility, cost-effective operation and maintenance, but it can also be deployed on-premises. The cloud-compatible implementation significantly reduces up-front CapEx, enables fast implementation and a cost-effective digital transformation. Scalability also means, that the costs only grow as and when the business grows.

This end-to-end platform includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service Management (CSM), Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), Product Catalog, Order Management, OmniChannel Digital Frontend, Revenue Management, and Etiya API Gateway, and supports both B2C and B2B customer segment operations.

Etiya offers consultation services throughout the customization and the implementation process, to find the solution that is most suitable to our partner’s needs.

How does it work?

Etiya Digital Business Platforms contain three main layers: Experience, Engagement, and Enablement. Data analytics, AI, and business intelligence functions are used to add intelligence to these layers and enable personalization, process automation, and efficiency.

Digital Experience: This customer experience layer enables consistent omnichannel, real-time interaction with customers to provide AI-driven self-care, customer experience, and content management.

Digital Engagement: This layer uses AI to provide personalized customer engagement with relevant, real-time offers and contextual marketing that increase marketing efficiency and customer loyalty. The layer also provides service activation, next-best-offer management, real-time campaign management, and real-time notifications.

Digital Enablement: This real-time engine contains digital BSS functions such as real-time charging, policy management, billing, digital mediation, and partner management. New solutions can be developed quickly with a library of microservices.

Runs on AWS and various other public clouds

Etiya has partnerships with various public cloud services, including AWS that aims to accelerate the transformation of BSS to all-digital BSS and also to enable operators to set up greenfield digital brands that are radically different from their existing brands, in a very short time.

Etiya’s cloud-native BSS stacks can be hosted in the public cloud, which offers several advantages, such as better scalability, support, and operations; simplification of deployment, maintenance; on-demand resources for simplified capacity planning; and a shift from capital expenditure to operational costs (which also means infrastructure cost savings of 20% over a comparable on-premise deployment).

Etiya’s customer-facing solutions have an even better functionality when running on cloud than if used as on-premises solutions.

Etiya Digital BSS for Digital Brands is a comprehensive BSS baseline offer, extendable into a full Digital Brand technology stack, covering a wide range of operator needs, suitable for various market environments and customer segment expectations.

This cutting-edge BSS solution for greenfield digital brands ensures fast deployment, agile capabilities, and quick value creation. Launch your new digital brand in months, and meet your target segment's needs in a unique and differentiating manner! Our approach aligns strategic objectives with business models and technologies, translating customer insights into effective holistic solutions, to make your business unique, viral and adaptive.

Our ODA-compliant, cloud-native platform uses microservices and Open APIs for seamless integration, flexibility and scalability to support sustainable growth. It empowers businesses with future-proof solutions, featuring Low Code / No Code capabilities and Zero-Touch operations ensuring unparalleled adaptability and rapid time-to-market.

With its highly advanced AI capabilities, including Digital Twin and GenAI it enables operators to personalize products and services, automate business processes and elevate customer journeys for exceptional customer experiences. Leverage deep customer insights to craft tailored campaigns that boost conversion rates, increase revenues and enhance customer lifetime value!

The platform’s unique and industry-proven loyalty program is designed to elevate customer engagement and drive viral growth through gamification and community building.

Our offer includes a variety of packages and commercial models designed to meet the specific needs of digital brands, to accommodate diverse requirements, and support these operators as their business grows.

A Managed Services operational model, combining advanced technology and ongoing support enables you to streamline operations, to operate with small teams focusing on strategic growth and product development. Combined with our lifetime partnership, flexibility and adaptability, this fosters competitive advantage and profitability while navigating challenges and responding swiftly to market dynamics.

Etiya Digital BSS’ powerful key feature, Multi-Brand Management supports CSPs in implementing their diversification strategies by efficiently launching and managing multiple brands on a single platform.

Offering multiple brands enables businesses to penetrate new markets, reach diverse customer segments, and differentiate their offerings, providing them with a competitive advantage and new opportunities for long-term growth. Managing multiple brands on a unified platform allows CSPs to utilize synergies, streamline processes, optimize resources, reduce costs, and achieve greater operational efficiency. At the same time CSPs can maintain distinct brand profiles in line with each brand’s specific identity and messaging, to strengthen brand loyalty and drive customer satisfaction.

Multi-Brand Management supports vertical and horizontal expansion without requiring additional IT investments, so businesses can scale their brand portfolio to seize emerging opportunities rapidly and efficiently. This scalability enables organizations to adapt to evolving market demands, extend their market presence and fuel long-term growth.

New technologies, like 5G open up new possibilities for CSPs for diversification, to secure future business growth. Etiya’s Digital BSS is a 5G-ready platform, with its layers offering seamless compatibility with 5G networks through Open APIs. By providing 5G services both to B2C and to B2B customers, CSPs can further diversify their operation, unlocking new business opportunities, and efficiently monetizing on a wide range of emerging innovative new business models.


  • Become 100% digital fast, with lower BSS operational costs
  • Sustainable software technology for greater operational resiliency and flexibility for continuous development and growth
  • Start generating revenue from digital services faster, with a shorter time-to-profit
  • Quickly try new business models and service concepts or enter new markets, and accelerate monetization of new revenue streams
  • Provide high value, personalized experiences through advanced AI capabilities, such as Digital Twin and GenAI, to increase differentiation and loyalty
  • Shape the customer’s engagement journey in real-time with autonomous learning, algorithm-driven technologies, and sentiment analysis
  • Generate in-context business insights, use customer data in a smarter way, for improved revenues and customer satisfaction
  • Enable powerful automation and operational efficiencies on a massive scale
  • Minimize costs and disruption to IT change processes
  • Link to partner ecosystems for additional offers and revenues or operational improvement
  • Ensure an unparalleled, unified customer experience across channels, to increase customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value