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Operator Strategies for Diversification through Multiple Brands

Adopting a multibrand strategy allows CSPs to manage their increasingly diverse customer base in a more tailored manner. However, this strategic direction presents various challenges both on the business and technical sides.

Check out this new Special Report from Developing Telecoms, sponsored by Etiya, to read about the benefits of managing multiple brands, and also learn about how to overcome difficulties along the way.


Interview: Operator Strategies for Diversification through Multiple Brands

In this interview by Developing Telecoms, Sofiene Kamoun, VP Executive Innovation Advisor at Etiya talks about the increasing diversification of the telco markets, and the growth potential that such market environment offers to CSPs who are adopting multibrand strategies.

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Advancing Telco CX Through AI-Driven BSS and Personalization Strategies

The telecom industry has always been an early adopter of AI, primarily due to its inherent reliance on vast amounts of data. CSPs manage continuously growing data repositories, enabling them to accelerate service delivery and enhance service quality.

Read The Fast Mode’s new E-book sponsored by Etiya to gain insight into use of AI in telecom industry.


Getting closer to the customer with GenAI

Generative AI (GenAI) is transforming customer service, sales, and marketing processes within CSP organizations. By taking the first use cases into production, CSPs will have the opportunity to bring their customers closer and bridge the customer experience gap with firms that were born digitally native.

Read TM Forum’s new blog sponsored by Etiya to see how to get closer to the customer with GenAI, enhance customer interactions, and drive new revenues.

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Driving Hyper-Personalization via AI-Driven BSS for Telco CX

AI-driven BSS is reshaping business operations and customer interactions in the rapidly evolving telecom sector. With the convergence of advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and GenAI technologies, telecom operators are harnessing the vast amount of data they generate to drive hyper-personalized customer experiences (CX) like never before.

Please read this article of the Fast Mode to learn more about how an AI-driven BSS platform can drive hyper-personalization.


Navigating the Digital Era with Sustainable BSS Solutions

In this interview with Developing Telecoms, Apostolos Kallis, Chief Commercial Officer at Etiya talks about the key aspects CSPs need to consider when planning a BSS transformation, to build a future-proof IT infrastructure and be able to adapt to market dynamics.

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