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Using Digital Twins to Improve the Customer Experience

Digital Twins technology has been used in a variety of industries for decades but is probably most often identified with applications in aerospace manufacturing, architecture, and computer-aided design. But there are also opportunities to use digital twins in telecoms to improve everything from customer experience (CX) to real-time network visibility and even autonomous networks.


Need-based digital transformation? A more tailored, manageable, and affordable way to modernize your business

CSPs need to prioritize their needs and modernize their BSS systems step by step, in order to avoid digital transformation to become a nightmare project. Read our blog about our holistic transformation approach, to learn how to clarify your drivers for the transformation and fully align your enterprise capabilities to customer needs and to the strategic objectives of your company.


WEBINAR: Evolving business support systems for future services

CSPs are modernizing their BSS stack at different speed and in line with their individual priorities. But they all must get ready for new business models both in B2C and B2B, to ensure future growth, and improved customer experiences in the new digital age. 

Check out TM Forum’s webinar, with Etiya’s Account Director, Ergün Mercan as one of the panelists, to learn:

-       What is the overall status of the industry and what are the BSS capabilities and functionalities required for potential revenue growth;

-       The role of open architecture and cloud migration;

-       BSS requirements for enterprise services and monetizing on new technologies.


Evolving business support systems for future services

All CSPs have individual challenges and priorities in terms of modernizing their business systems. However, they all must go through their digital transformation journey, and get ready for new business models both in B2C and B2B, to ensure future growth. 

TM Forum’s latest report examines, how communications service providers (CSPs) should evolve and build future-proof business support systems (BSS) to deliver excellent digital experience and continuously meet customer expectations.


Toward Superior Customer Experience: Building Blocks for Personalization

Customer expectations for smooth and enjoyable experiences are constantly changing and evolving due to the ever-accelerating pace of digital technology and advances in the market. Most recent developments in customer experience have mainly focused on personalization because of its significant impacts on performance improvements like qualified lead generation, conversion rates and NPS metrics.

Read this report, written by IDC, to learn more about how you can achieve superior customer experience with personalization and the technologies behind it. 


Sales Enablement for Process Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

Businesses can face issues when it comes to complex sales processes or having bundled products, and highly personalized customer needs. A solid and reliable system solution with a powerful, advanced technological background and a high level of automation can largely help them manage sales processes efficiently, offer customers products and services tailored to their needs, and increase revenue generating capabilities.

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