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Top 5 BSS requirements for a Connected Future

Stakeholders in the ICT world envision a highly Connected Future where zero-touch automation is accessible to manage and control integrated services, devices, and networks dynamically. In order to monetize complex, multicomponent, and dynamic services, CSPs need a Digital BSS that supports a variety of novel, sophisticated functions.

What are the top 5 BSS requirements to support novel B2B customer demand for a more connected customer experience in the near future?


What is Natural Language Processing and How Does NLP Works?

English, Chinese, or Spanish, the inhabitants of the earth use thousands of different languages to communicate. On the other side, the communicative language in the world of machines consists of only two numbers: 0 and 1. So, how can we bring these unrelated languages together in a way that will benefit everyone? If you’re wondering about it, let's make an informative introduction to natural language processing.


What is Machine Learning and Deep Learning? 

One of the most notable films of 2021 and perhaps the last 2.5 years of the pandemic, the Matrix will meet with the audience at the end of December 4. It is one of the most important examples of the “struggle” between human and machine in the history of cinema, but it is not the only one. The efforts of intelligent machines, including Terminator, created by humans, to destruct humanity on their own have been a subject that has not aged for decades.


What is Omnichannel Retail? Transforming Traditional Sales Approach

Thanks to increased smartphones and social media penetration, a data-driven transformation has become possible in the retail sector for the last decade. Recent research shows that more than 75% of retail customers shop from multiple retail channels. As expected, digital channels are coming to the fore with the effect of the pandemic.


How to Apply Digital Transformation Strategies To Your Business?

If we analyze Google trends, there is almost no search data for "what is digital transformation" until 2014. However, the "popularity" of the concept, which started to rise afterward, seems to have reached the highest level, especially after 2019.


Telco priorities in tech investment post-pandemic

The pandemic affected the telco industry just like all the industries and accelerated the plans for the adoption of digital technologies.
Watch Mark Newman, TM Forum’s Chief Analyst, and Etiya’s Chief Commercial Officer Apostolos Kallis as they discuss the impact of the pandemic, key challenges faced, and telco priorities for investment in future technologies.

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