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How to succeed in creating the right architecture for an agile and sustainable operation?

Digital transformation brings new and innovative capabilities to CSPs, addressing both business and technology challenges and delivering flexibility and agility throughout their operations. In this discussion with Ali Durmuş, PhD, Founding Partner and CTO of Etiya we look specifically at some of those benefits and features of a digital BSS.


Omnichannel challenges: can telcos enhance the customer service experience?

Communications service providers (CSPs) are investing in becoming more customer-centric organizations, and customer care systems are among the first legacy applications to move to cloud-native, microservices-based architectures.

At the same time, progress in machine learning, AI and data analytics is making it easier for CSPs to tap into the wealth of data their networks generate so they can deliver better service and support more personalized digital experiences.

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The Sustainable Telco: Creating Value for Business and Society through Digital Transformation

Sustainability can be applied to all functions and aspects of the telecom operator business.

The topic reaches well beyond managing the environmental aspects of how the company operates. It is also about how CSPs treat their employees, their partners, and their customers, how they see their future growth, how they act upon their opportunities and also how they build long-term sustainable capabilities.


Unleashing Telco B2B / B2B2X Opportunities With Next-Gen BSS

BSS plays an increasingly important role in revenue assurance and in delivering superior end-to-end experience for customers. In the B2B segment, complexity of services, pricing and delivery, and the novel technologies involved require a new monetization approach for telcos.

Check out our e-book on how next generation BSS can unleash telco B2B and B2B2X opportunities, including a comprehensive market analysis by The Fast Mode, industry views, and an article on how we see the role and capabilities of a modern digital BSS to enable monetization and improve CX.

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Key CX Requirements of B2C Customers that Digital Transformation will Address

Technological advancements have completely changed the way we use communications services. However, the speed of these changes can make it hard for CSPs to keep up with customer requirements, while many are still using inflexible legacy stacks. Digital transformation is therefore the only way for them to modernize their business support systems.

Check out this article to understand, how upgrading to a future-proof digital BSS will allow CSPs to satisfy constantly evolving customer needs, thereby ensuring excellent customer experiences.


Driving Superior Customer Experience with AI-Powered Strategies

Ensuring superior customer experience has become all the more crucial as service providers expand their portfolios to cover new, innovative services such as rich content offers, cloud gaming, mobile finance and smart home services. Well engaged subscribers are more likely to take up new offerings, augmenting service providers’ ability to cross-sell new products and services.

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