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Why telcos are getting better at delivering individualized customer experiences?

Customer engagement is for many CSPs a discipline which they acknowledge requires further improvement, despite the industry’s current obsession with transforming the way we interact with customers and operators' drive to differentiate on customer experience (CX).

The latest wave of technologies such as AI chatbots and advanced data analytics, and new techniques in self-service, digital channel management, customer journey management, campaign management, and modernized CRM are positively transforming the return-on-investment models of new customer engagement initiatives.

Read our blog to learn more about why telcos are getting better at delivering individualized customer experiences.


Improving customer experience through intelligent digital transformation

How can CSPs improve enterprise customer experience? To be successful in their B2B activities, they need to upgrade their existing BSS in order to be able to support new 5G opportunities, handle the increasing business complexities, and to understand customers’ needs better and serve them in a more tailored and efficient way. Intelligent digital transformation can provide CSPs with these capabilities by delivering on 4 key aspects.

Read this report by and Etiya to discover what are these 4 pillars that CSPs can rely on to deliver excellent customer experiences in the B2B segment.

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How to make the most of your Digital Transformation process?

The success of a Digital Transformation project will determine future operation and business opportunities of a company, therefore strategic planning is vital. Transformation itself is a constant journey, where the software itself is only a part of the process; you’ll also need different business approaches and a new mindset.

Read our report and discover what are some of the key issues you need to take into consideration when embarking on a Digital Transformation journey.


The OmniChannel Project of Turk Telekom

Digital Transformation is always a complex process, but it is especially a challenge for large incumbent telcos, with several divisions working separately, using legacy systems. In most cases it takes several project phases until the whole operation is transformed.

Check out our case study, and see how Turk Telekom changed the way they operate.

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Boosting Omni-Channel Customer Experience with Digital Channel Integration

Technology has massively changed the way customers have communicated with organizations over the last 20 years. Today, customers do not just use telephones for interaction; they also make themselves heard through many digital channels. The ever-accelerating pace of technological change and innovation in this space continues to drive customer expectations for compelling and seamless experiences.

According to IDC, organizations have 6 initiatives to provide a differentiated experience that will move beyond personalization to enable a true understanding of each customer.


The Future of Omnichannel Experiences

Companies need to embrace an omnichannel approach if they want to stay competitive and respond to new market demands. To maximize customer experience and get all the current and future capabilities a business needs, omnichannel solutions need careful planning and consideration.

There is no one-size-fits all: the most suitable omnichannel approach can be different for various companies, depending on geography, market maturity, customer base, segment and product focuses. But the key aspects CSPs need to consider when planning for their omnichannel experiences are the same.

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