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Chatbpt Showcase

Technology is the Power of Future; Human is the Power of Technology

HR Chatbots are now designed to answer frequently asked questions to HR departments in the busiest use. Every month, hundreds and thousands of questions are answered by chatbots before they are delivered to HR. Number of companies using this capability of chatbots increases every day and it is also necessary to consider other Artificial Intelligence functions.


Report: Taking On the Greenfield Operators with Digital Sub Brands

Mobile operators are looking to transform their entire organization to be more agile and customer centric. Digital sub-brands provide an opportunity to try out new platforms, operating models and customer relationships.


Upcoming Experience Shift with Intelligent Slicing

I remember my first phone, a Nokia 5110. I bought it in the late 90s, early 2000s. Although I still don't know why it is one of my most favorite old items. Since then, many things have changed in the telecommunications industry. As a former IP software architect and someone on the telecom software industry's factory floor, I observed innovations that originated mostly on the technology and "inside" the industry.


Connected Customer First

Digital transformation is inevitable for operators to stand out from the competition and survive in the new digital economy by gaining market share from connected customers & digital natives segments. During this transformation process, prioritization is crucial to avoid loss of profit, and increase customer acquisition.

As a leading vendor specialized in E2E digital transformation of operators, Etiya adopts “Connected Customer First” approach, and prioritizes the utilization of digital customer experience during the digitalization journey of the customers.

Video Cover

Videotron’s Transformation Journey with Etiya’s AI Driven Digital Business Platform

Videotron’s Transformation Journey with Etiya’s AI Driven Cloud Native Digital Business Platform.

In 2018, Quebec-based Videotron began an ambitious plan to transform itself: to become a digital-based company, transforming from a complex legacy, multi-system operating environment to an agile, open, standards-based architecture.


Digital Transformation in Finance and Retail

During the pandemic period, once more we realized how much we need digital transformation in all service areas and industries. Our research shows that many companies achieve tangible commercial gains with digital transformation. Transforming business processes and systems brings profitability, increased customer satisfaction, new business opportunities, and operational speed.

In our market research, together with CIO Update, we asked about the digital transformation strategies of Turkey's leading financial and retail companies.

As you shape your Digital Transformation journey, you can use our report to access important data and provide insight into market maturity and expectations.

Dt Report