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Most CSPs understand the importance of vertical industries, and the enterprise segment more broadly, for a successful 5G return on investment. But how are CSPs’ existing systems and assets fairing in terms of providing zero-touch enhanced CX to newfound customer segments? 

A recent survey by found out that more than three in five industry professionals believe the main business driver behind 5G is the support to the digitalisation of large enterprises and IoT deployments. Additionally, a study by TM Forum found out that 87% of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) believe 5G is important or critical to their revenue growth strategies.

Against this backdrop, enterprise customer experience (CX) expectations are also gaining in significance, so much so that many CSPs admit they need to upgrade their existing Business Support Systems (BSS) in order to support a quarter or more of the 5G services they plan to introduce. This means optimising BSS for the new B2B requirements is expected to be at the top of the agenda for telcos.


Read the full report by and Etiya to discover what are the 4 pillars that CSPs can rely on to deliver excellent customer experiences in the B2B segment.

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