5G network is not just another upgrade from 4G mobile networks. With the excellent connectivity levels it provides, 5G will enable superfast broadband, ultra-reliable low latency communication, massive machine-type communications, high reliability/availability, and efficient energy usage. It can be called an evolution that will create new value across industries and society, by transforming the business, industries, and our lives. Apparently, the real value of 5G to the economy will be revealed when all sectors, not just telecom, benefit from this power together with collaboration.

Based on TM Forum reports, it is estimated that by embracing this opportunity, at least $700 billion of new and sustainable revenue can be unlocked, the majority in industrial 5G and B2B2X. This requires a transformation that covers business automation for launching these new services and offering them as fast as possible to the ecosystem is crucial for TTM's advantage. In addition, delivering such capability may require high OPEX and does not rely on only technology itself. The transformation is required also in doing the way of business, understanding the enterprise needs, and having a reusable product that can address different Private Mobile Networks and of course, a step ahead, network slicing.

Delivering such robust transformation will bring the power to Service Providers and Enterprises and reveal new capabilities and more complex business models to give them a significant role in the center of the new digital economy. To enable monetization opportunities and fully engage with a more diverse range of partners, a multi-sided business model supporting solution will be the key differentiator.

Etiya Network Commerce and Management Platform

Etiya’s Network Commerce and Management Platform (NetCoM) is a cloud-based network commerce and management solution that unlocks network services to enterprises to enhance and manage their business.

- Capability to support new and complex business models (B2X, B2B2X) and revenues with partner management
- Ability to deliver quickly and monetize tailored services agilely with standard APIs
- Central management of provided network services, slices, and equipment
- Faster time to market by external catalog onboarding
- AI-based customer & network intelligence for monetization excellence

- Ability to enrich the business with new business models & sources of revenue
- Opportunity to increase operational productivity and OPEX savings
- Central management of the provided services & IoT devices
- Time-to-market advantage and business-oriented new service offers
- Improved security and reliability


  • Flexibility with modular and microservice-based architecture
  • AI-driven, cloud-native platform using open APIs and delivering robust connectivity
  • Flexible commerce and management of private mobile networks and slices
  • Creation and design environment to address customizable services for vertical requirements
  • External catalog onboarding for complex offerings, covering different business models
  • Enterprise portals to cover whole network services and equipment management
  • Service desk with chatbot and ticket management for enterprises
  • Dynamic slicing with close loop automation
  • Ability to understand customer’s intent and personalized offer mechanism
  • Multi-domain infrastructure for zero-touch partnership
  • Flexible bundling, pricing, and CPQ Capabilities
  • Easy to integrate, operate and automate via business flow management
  • Contract management integration and support