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Thefm Showcase

Driving Hyper-Personalization via AI-Driven BSS for Telco CX

AI-driven BSS is reshaping business operations and customer interactions in the rapidly evolving telecom sector. With the convergence of advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and GenAI technologies, telecom operators are harnessing the vast amount of data they generate to drive hyper-personalized customer experiences (CX) like never before.

Please read this article of the Fast Mode to learn more about how an AI-driven BSS platform can drive hyper-personalization.


Navigating the Digital Era with Sustainable BSS Solutions

In this interview with Developing Telecoms, Apostolos Kallis, Chief Commercial Officer at Etiya talks about the key aspects CSPs need to consider when planning a BSS transformation, to build a future-proof IT infrastructure and be able to adapt to market dynamics.

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Plm Ebook Showcase

Understanding Product Lifecycle Management

CSPs encounter various challenges within the digital economy, and one of those is how to manage their product portfolio. Creation of new products should be quick and flexible, while managing products from launch to retirement should be efficient and simple. To maintain control over their portfolio, operators require an efficient product lifecycle management tool, that supports them throughout this journey.

Explore TM Forum’s e-book sponsored by Etiya, to learn about the practical aspects and benefits of PLM, and how TM Forum’s standards contribute to simplicity and efficiency in the process.


Building Better Customer Bonds

Long-term customer relationships require understanding and empathy, which has to be embraced across an entire organization. To create a truly superior customer experience today, a customer-centric culture must be supported by transformative technologies.

Given the complexities of both the telco industry and human relationships in general, operators need specially designed products and tools to harmonize CX operations across all departments. This is essential to better understand and communicate with their customers and personalize their experience to build valuable long-term relationships.

Pipeline Article Showcase
Digital Twin Showcase

Boosting the value proposition of Customer Digital Twins with AI

Digital twin technology has in active use across many sectors for years now, but within the telecommunications sector, it has typically been used on the OSS side. It is only more recently, with advances in AI technology, that using digital twins on the BSS side has become a more practical reality.

Read this blog to learn more about the newest digital twin use cases and how to boost the value proposition of customer digital twins with AI.


Driving digital transformation for enhanced sustainability and innovation

Sustainability is a strategic priority for CSPs and vendors, striving to reduce energy consumption while increasing data demands.

Meeting this challenge involves adopting sustainable technologies and innovative practices to minimize environmental impact, uphold social responsibility, and ensure long-term economic viability.

Read this blog written by Etiya CEO Aslan Doğan to learn more about the sustainable technologies that drive innovation and efficiency.

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