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5g Interview Dtw Showcase En

Generating new revenues from 5G networks

Etiya’s VP of Product Development, Olgay Taş is discussing the best opportunities and cutting-edge technologies for monetizing 5G networks at TM Forum’s DTW 2023 in Copenhagen.


AI-powered BSS is a game-changer for personalized CX

Etiya’s Chief Commercial Officer, Apostolos Kallis is talking at TM Forum’s DTW 2023 Copenhagen about industry efforts and best practices in retention and personalization with the support of an AI-driven BSS.

Bss Interview Dtw Showcase En
Showcase Certification

My API Story: Delivering customer-centric, AI-driven solutions

Open APIs are central to achieving Etiya's primary goal: To provide a seamless omnichannel customer journey.”

Check out the “My API Story” of Şerafettin Acir, Director of Product Management & Architecture at Etiya, and learn more about why he thinks TM Forum Open APIs are beneficial both for developers and CSPs in accelerating deployments and enabling rapid transformation.


Extreme personalization is here and driving huge business advantage. Are you ready for it?

AI is revolutionizing the way companies sell to their customers. It has already obsoleted static, periodic marketing campaigns along with generic price plans, bundles and offers, and is delivering the type of real-time, relevant, hyper-personalized and novel buying experiences that customers increasingly expect. In this article we explore how this sales and marketing revolution is going to impact CSPs and what they can do today to deliver a smarter buying experience for their customers while improving profitability for themselves.

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Techqa Tmf Showcase

How to succeed in creating the right architecture for an agile and sustainable operation?

Digital transformation brings new and innovative capabilities to CSPs, addressing both business and technology challenges and delivering flexibility and agility throughout their operations. In this discussion with Ali Durmuş, PhD, Founding Partner and CTO of Etiya we look specifically at some of those benefits and features of a digital BSS.


Omnichannel challenges: can telcos enhance the customer service experience?

Communications service providers (CSPs) are investing in becoming more customer-centric organizations, and customer care systems are among the first legacy applications to move to cloud-native, microservices-based architectures.

At the same time, progress in machine learning, AI and data analytics is making it easier for CSPs to tap into the wealth of data their networks generate so they can deliver better service and support more personalized digital experiences.

Omnichannel Showcase