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Key CX Requirements of B2C Customers that Digital Transformation will Address

Technological advancements have completely changed the way we use communications services. However, the speed of these changes can make it hard for CSPs to keep up with customer requirements, while many are still using inflexible legacy stacks. Digital transformation is therefore the only way for them to modernize their business support systems.

Check out this article to understand, how upgrading to a future-proof digital BSS will allow CSPs to satisfy constantly evolving customer needs, thereby ensuring excellent customer experiences.


Driving Superior Customer Experience with AI-Powered Strategies

Ensuring superior customer experience has become all the more crucial as service providers expand their portfolios to cover new, innovative services such as rich content offers, cloud gaming, mobile finance and smart home services. Well engaged subscribers are more likely to take up new offerings, augmenting service providers’ ability to cross-sell new products and services.

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AI for Improving Customer Experiences

AI’s promise extends well beyond writing code or articles, and even beyond transforming processes and driving efficiency. AI and automation can significantly improve CX, and AI itself can humanize BSS systems by empowering humans to bring companies and customers closer together. AI-supported personalized services will decrease churn, improve customer loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value, and besides, it can also provide differentiation for CSPs, and that is exactly what they need to hear in these turbulent times.


Customers need flexible and responsive service providers in a cost-of-living crisis

We are living in a period of economic turbulence that we have not experienced in the last couple of decades, and this urges people basically in all income groups to scrutinize every line of their spending. Obviously, this exercise will not leave telco or communications-related spending untouched either, and this presents a new challenge to CSPs. Read this article to learn how flexibility and responsiveness will help CSPs in such economic conditions.

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Showcase Hardtalk Cloud

TM Forum Hard Talk: Cloud-native BSS: a journey that every CSP must make?

Legacy BSS systems are not capable of providing CSPs with the functionalities required for introducing new monetization models.

Adopting a cloud-native BSS will allow them to fine-tune their strategies, experiment with new business models, target new markets and segments, and launch innovative new products and services.

Watch TM Forum’s Hard Talk, where Etiya’s Chief Commercial Officer, Apostolos Kallis is discussing the importance of adopting a cloud-native BSS, the challenges and solutions of deployment, and the different approaches CSPs can take in this journey.


Consent Management: better customer relationships – beyond pure compliance

As digitalization and innovations change the way individuals and organizations interact, our generation is facing new concerns regarding digital engagement. Many discussions are taking place on how to expand digitalization, and at the same time, protect the privacy and dignity of individuals and organizations. This has become one of the biggest challenges for companies.

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