Understanding Product Lifecycle Management

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2024-03-08 Etiya Marketing
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Understanding Product Lifecycle Management

Product portfolio simplification can make it easier for CSPs to move from legacy to modern BSS systems. However, once the portfolio and the product catalog architecture are simplified, they will not remain like that forever. Customer requirements are constantly evolving, and CSP products, services and solutions therefore becoming more complex and composed of integrated and distributed components. In this new environment operators will require sophisticated orchestration, leveraging AI, to implement and automate product lifecycle management.

In this e-book, you can read about

- What is PLM, and why is it gaining importance?

- How does TM Forum’s ODA approach PLM?

- What are some examples of successful implementation of PLM?

- How can Etiya help operators in becoming more efficient and staying more competitive with its modern, flexible Product Catalog, and collaborative PLM tool?

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Author: Ed Finegold, Contributing Analyst, TM Forum

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