Operator Strategies for Diversification through Multiple Brands

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2024-06-10 Etiya Marketing
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More and more companies are viewing a multibrand strategy as the way forward in an increasingly diverse market. Differentiated brand offerings can help CSPs expand market penetration and enhance the customer experience for various target segments. While this business model can be a real differentiator, operators must carefully consider the business, technical, and branding aspects of this new approach.

In this Special Report from Developing Telecoms you can read about:

  • How digital brands, sub-brands and MVNOs evolved, and what role they play on a diversifying market
  • Real-life examples from around the world, how digital brands are built and used by operators
  • Technical challenges and business benefits of launching and managing MVNOs and digital brands
  • Branding considerations of operators adopting a multibrand strategy
  • Technical solutions offered by Etiya for launching digital brands and managing multiple brands on a common BSS platform

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