5G enabled Digital BSS- 5GISP empowered 5G Operator Experience

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2020-05-08 Etiya Marketting

Speed is the first thing that comes to mind about 5G. However, speed alone is not very convincing for such significant investments. Its design allows operators to offer several technical features besides better mobile speed. It has accepted standards, and APIs are crucial links among different systems for different commercial purposes. Thanks to all these brand new technical features, 5G has unique opportunities for every industry where companies are impatiently awaiting. 
Of course, it is not possible to apply all these innovations in a single article. But there will be many touching our lives.
Let's start with the connected devices.

Today, the connected-device business models cannot utilize the IoT world's potential value. We can say that the main reasons are the mobile network-inabilities to offer flexible IoT proposals both in terms of technology and business model.

Upcoming 5G standards powered by network-level capabilities will shift up overall offering range with connected devices. Gartner predicts that by 2023 the 49M 5G IoT devices will be installed and connected. Unfortunately, expectations for 2020 seem challenging to complete due to the pandemic. In any case, experts predict the increase in connected device numbers almost 15 times in 3 years.

Current developments in the variety of devices will grow incredibly. Today, a wide range of connected devices are mostly security cameras and telemetry devices. It will be expanding with 5G to different areas such as autonomous vehicles, in-vehicle accessories, and emergency services. We predict primary connections will come from security cameras for the first five years. But especially the world of autonomous vehicles will grow significantly in the mid and long term.

5G is not a technology built only for connected devices. Notably, the slicing feature will allow many conceptual business models launched that companies cannot actualize because of operational and technical impossibilities. The role and definition of operators will completely change in the commercialization processes. Operators will have to establish robust ecosystems instead of becoming individual companies. Commercial establishments, from service levels to customer ownership, will be evaluated from scratch.

We all agree that having technical capabilities will not be sufficient to manage such high expectations correctly by the operators. Operators will have to serve such abilities perfectly to companies and end-users to create the best experience. Providing such an ideal service level will be possible with the precisely positioned 5G enabled digital BSS stack.

Although BSS is mainly a technical layer, its effects on the design of operation, experience, and business models are undisputed. That’s why, as Etiya, we created our digital BSS platform in a 3E structure: Enablement, Engagement, and Experience.

The enablement layer provides real-time charging, policy management, billing, digital mediation, and partner management with a real-time engine. A microservice library offers flexibility with its new services add-on capability.

The engagement layer provides customer interaction with AI support. Many critical processes, such as personalized real-time offers, campaign management, NBA, and service activations, are managed at this layer.

Finally, the experience layer allows for multi-channel, orchestration, self-care, and content management using AI support as well.
All digital BSS layers listed above are compatible with 5G networks seamlessly. The platform also provides a comprehensive ecosystem management capability for a wide range of business models, especially on the intelligent slicing platform (5GISP). 5GISP prioritizes not only the experience but also the functionality that will allow the efficient use of the slicing network features with its enriched API exposure feature.

Etiya 5G enabled Digital BSS Platform can create severe competitive advantages for operators with its 5GISP features, namely, Slice visualization and management, NAAS (network as a service), creating unlimited slices within the network-capability limits and creating speed/capacity bundles, partnership slice tailoring, SLA management. To summarize, the Etiya 5G enabled Digital BSS Platform provides an entire infrastructure designed for operators to perform their changing roles perfectly with ecosystem management.

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