Digital Transformation in Finance and Retail

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2020-09-17 Etiya Marketting
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During the pandemic period, once more we realized how much we need digital transformation in all service areas and industries. Our research shows that many companies achieve tangible commercial gains with digital transformation. Transforming business processes and systems brings profitability, increased customer satisfaction, new business opportunities, and operational speed.

In our market research, together with CIO Update, we asked about the digital transformation strategies of Turkey's leading financial and retail companies.

As you shape your Digital Transformation journey, you can use our report to access important data and provide insight into market maturity and expectations.

The report covers Turkey market, it is available in Turkish

•    Digital maturity of leading companies
•    Leaders and departments embracing the transformation
•    Transformation expectations and priorities
•    Effects of Transformation on Customer Interaction
•    Artificial Intelligence maturity and expectations

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