Digital Transformation in Retail Industry: The Latest State in Turkey

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IDC predicts that 65% of global GDP digitalized by 2022 and will drive over $6.8 trillion of direct DX investments for 2020–2023 globally.
Companies that have successfully transformed themselves fully into digital enterprises realize twice the revenue and operating profits when compared with those that have not transformed yet.

As more and more companies become fully transformed from the less than 20% of enterprises today, relative GDP from digitalized products and services will expand exponentially.

IDC’s recent end-user survey shows that in parallel with the global trend, retail organizations in Turkey are rapidly embracing new technologies to transform their business models and operations to improve agility, customer engagement, profit and sustainable competitive advantage.

According to survey 64% of retail organizations in Turkey have an integrated, continuous, and enterprise-wide DX initiatives and 45% of organizations shared that DX initiatives have a great impact on increasing customer engagement.

Where are the companies in the experience transformation, what are the reasons that encourage the use of new technologies, which technologies are used the most, and what results do they achieve?

Please fill out the form to download our research results, which we have carried out with the participation of the leading executives of the retail industry, together with IDC.

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