E-book: a new approach to B2B customer segmentation

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The inflexibility of legacy customer segmentation is holding communications service providers (CSPs) back as they seek to evolve and expand their B2B operations. To maximize their commercial opportunities, they need to find smarter ways to segment their market that address the evolving needs of their customers, taking into account key trends such as hybridization, consumerization and verticalization, as well as new channel strategies and B2B2X models.

Having the right digital capabilities, as a basis, will allow CSPs to answer these evolving needs, to handle new customer demands with a high level of flexibility and to be innovative in their offerings and services.

Read this report written by TM Forum, to understand:

  • Why a new approach to B2B segmentation is needed
  • How the new work trends impact segmentation, and what is a dynamic segmentation approach
  • What is digital autonomy, and how can you improve the buying experience of B2B customers
  • What are the essential steps you need to take to improve your segmentation and move up in the segmentation maturity model
  • How can Digital BSS support dynamic segmentation, flexibility and personalization in providing B2B customers with the best service possible

Author: Teresa Cottam

Contributing Analyst, TM Forum



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