Enabler of 5G monetization: Intelligent Slicing - where to start, how to enrich

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The evolution of 5G network technology provides a new revenue opportunity for the global economy, regardless of the industry. 5G will not only affect the telecom industry; it is expected to radically transform business and industrial processes in a range of sectors by enabling the adoption of new technologies and services.

Network Slicing is one of the most important key enablers of 5G that promises a huge leap in the sophistication of services and service delivery, particularly for a wide range of vertical customer markets.

With network slicing empowerment, the main role of the operators will be to provide powerful customer ecosystems, rather than being solely network providers and at each operator ecosystem there will be different partners with different business models which will make this ecosystem very complex to manage.

From the design process until the onboarding, operators will be transforming themselves in each different domain to solve this complexity and to reach monetization excellence.

In this webinar, we aimed to guide operators on how to start their journey to monetize the 5G ecosystem. Watch this on-demand webinar to explore:

•    How 5G networks will change the entire business, the most affected industries and use cases
•    The role of network slicing in this change
•    How to make the most of new 5G era with network slicing; where to start, how to proceed
•    Importance of phasing the journey, the steps to be taken
•    How Etiya 5G Intelligent Slicing Platform can help during this journey

Prepared by: Fahri Kerçek

Senior Product Manager, 5G, Etiya

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