How to make the most of 5G network with intelligent slicing?


5G aims to transcend connectivity from just the smartphones to virtually almost everything in our daily life with the ability to connect billions of devices, deliver high bandwidth and provide extremely low latency. It is expected to provide very high speed, connection autonomy, and very complex routing algorithms. It is obvious that based on such a variety of use cases, the monetization will be through the operator ecosystem where they manage not only their network but also their services and partners’ capabilities. Since the richness and effectiveness of this ecosystem will be the key differentiator, intelligent slicing and ecosystem management becomes crucial. 

Watch our 5G webinar to learn about our approach to 5G experience management allows you to make the most of the 5G network with intelligent slicing.
During our webinar, we will also share 5G case studies and our experience on how to monetize the 5G ecosystem in an effective way.

Main topics to be covered: 

• 5G experience management
• Importance of slice tailoring
• Intelligent slicing and ecosystem monetization 
• Enriched ecosystems and new business models

Speaker: Fahri Kerçek, Senior Product Manager

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