Infodemic – Risk Management of Rapid Spreading Digital Information

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2020-05-18 Etiya Marketting

Increasing usage of digital channels prompts us to use some concepts more in daily life. Infodemic is one of them. In its simplest definition, infodemic describes an excessive amount of information concerning a problem such that the solution is made more difficult. The concept, which gained popularity after its use by WHO in February, is very important as it reminds us of one of the most significant corporate risks during the pandemic period.

We have to admit that when it comes to digital touchpoints, it is challenging for companies to find and control the source of wrong information. In a study by MIT in the past years, it was revealed that the spread rate of false information is much faster than the correct information. Rapid developments in technology also show different methods of misinformation. Deep fake is one of them.

Companies cannot easily secure themselves against all these adverse developments. Today, 74% of customers follow the brands they use on social media. 96% of these people interact with brands again via social media. We have no doubt that these rates will reach 100% shortly. From this point of view, the compulsory online channel usage brought by the pandemic period also shows that the concept of infodemic will come to the end that every company will have to address in its digital strategies.
Problem management arising from false and incomplete information is not a new topic for companies. It is just like the healthcare industry knows what to do with flu and similar outbreaks. Risk management processes are set and managed for many organizations for these situations.

However, when a situation becomes infodemic, the consequences of the negative situations that may occur in terms of institutions can render the damages that brands can see unmanageable. Just like in the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world lives in the field of health.

So how can companies adapt their pandemic management learnings to their processes for infodemic? As far as the pandemic is concerned, we have learned that it may not be possible to know that this will be an unstoppable epidemic at the first stage. Therefore, it is an obligation to carry out studies to prevent spreading and to find solutions instantly at every point it is noticed.

Correct actions to be taken in real-time, especially in information management on digital channels, are of great importance for institutions, to prevent infodemic. Because the problem experienced by each customer is personal and situational, it has to be done accordingly in its management. Social listening has become indispensable for all channels. It is a known fact that proactive steps can be taken when necessary, all digital channels can be monitored effectively, and real-time actions can be resolved without any problem or spread.

Etiya artificial intelligence supported Digital Interaction Management Platform (DIMP) provides a complete single-point management opportunity developed on all these requirements. Thus, digital customer interactions and experience can be improved quickly. On the one hand, uncontrolled spreading is prevented. On the other hand, digital sales revenues and satisfaction rates can increase in a short time.

Since Etiya DIMP offers fast multi-channel integration, it allows actions to be taken without wasting time for companies. Thanks to artificial intelligence support, the sector enables customer insight analysis to be performed by offering more capable and sophisticated social listening capabilities than only human resource and algorithm-based analysis. It offers a perfect infrastructure for efficiency and targeting thanks to its single-point management, easy messaging, and task management capabilities.

When all these are combined with the Social CRM structure of Etiya DIMP, it creates an active listening, understanding, and interaction creating a cycle. Thanks to all advanced features, we can say that the Etiya DIMP is the technological vaccine of infodemic for the companies in this digital era.

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