Micro-Experience Reality – Personalized Customer Touchpoint Campaigns

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2019-11-08 Etiya Marketting

Transformation is nothing new. The replacement of funtional benefits based on experience is one of the first indications of transformation. As technology penetrates every moment of our lives, we can now trace our digital steps in full detail. This allows us to create sophisticated customer travel maps, which is itself a form of transformation.

Data-driven marketing is now an integral part of our daily lives thanks to personalized offering mechanisms and detailed customer purchasing journey tracking.

All these developments affect customers as well as organizations. In addition to the diversity of customer touchpoints, we can also say that all touchpoint practices differ. Today, it is impossible to define a single customer experience. Therefore, organizations have to manage every touchpoint separately. Customer experience can be defined as the sum of micro-experiences with all purchasing components such as touchpoints, products, processes.

At this point, we should consider touchpoint-based micro-experience management to be an integral part of our data-driven marketing approach. Especially in those verticals where physical and digital touchpoints are one and the same (like telco and finance), micro-experience management is becoming an area of expertise.

Of course, such expertise brings with it many complex requirements. First, critical marketing tools should be designed to be compatible with micro-experience management. In this article, we will focus on the relationship between campaign setups and touchpoint-based micro-experience.

Post-transformation competition makes traditional campaign setups inadequate for marketing teams. It is almost impossible to get clear results from campaigns that are focused on several variables for personalization.

Marketing teams need to be able to design campaigns that are customer-specific, touchpoint-based, and most importantly, quickly implemented. Teams have to be able to make instant revisions by monitoring these campaigns with detailed metrics.

These campaigns are just a part of an effective micro-experience management approach. In a touchpoint-specific structure, using the most convenient marketing tools is complementary to the micro-experience. FB Messenger is a good example of this approach for cross-selling campaigns instead of unused and poorly interacted SMS.

Of course, marketing teams want these tools to be used specifically for each and every customer. In AI-driven campaign processes, it is crucial that all E2E transactions can be completed without any human intervention in order to provide a complete experience.

As we have seen, micro-experience is an indispensable area of expertise for organizations that nevertheless poses many challenges. Effective implementation of technology plays an important role in overcoming these challenges.

Etiya's modular product structure enables organizations to effectively build touchpoint-based micro-experience. The campaign management product is able to construct end-to-end campaigns with extended features. These include multivariate customization, which allows for targeting and multi-touchpoint access in nearly realtime. Of course, it is possible to measure different metrics on a campaign-basis for efficiency.

A campaign product that makes such complex transactions can be implemented on an organization’s existing IT systems in 1-3 months. If cloud technologies are used, up to 70% cost advantage can be provided.

We know that customers prefer campaign proposals received through mobile touchpoints, so Etiya has also developed a complementary product that works on Facebook Messenger for the effective use of this touchpoint. This AI-driven product is more capable than a classic chatbot by learning to behave specifically to each customer. In this way, it can interact with the campaign management product on the back-end and offer the most accurate campaign.

We know precise messaging is also crucial in order to generate a successful micro-experience. At Etiya, we continue to provide infrastructures that generate more time for organizations to focus on the campaigns and the right marketing messages.

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