Post COVID-19 Transformation, Sustainability and Etiya

2020-04-20 Barış Uca

We are living in the most significant uncertainty of the digital era. Companies and governments have to revise all plans because of the pandemic. Strategies, long-term policies, international trade, and many more will find their new balance on a different axis. For the first time, we are almost sure that nothing will bye the same.

We can define the social distance period as a transition stage in which individuals and companies have to redefine the link between the digital and physical worlds. For individuals, the pandemic has created a necessity to move the physical world habits to digital, where people have no chance for complete adaptation. Therefore, both experience and expectations are not clear; it will take time. For companies, their priority is to manage their customers' shifting adaptation process we have mentioned. On the other hand, they have to solve some business continuity issues in a different way of doing business, like home-office, they have not fully adapted.
At first sight, companies might seem to find no way out. Actually, no! Some elements of the digital transformation we know for a long time come into our lives earlier than expected. From this perspective, timing is essential now. On the other hand, some unexpected situations occurred regarding the customer. For example, in 2019, the world health organization warned that online shopping could be an addiction by 2024. Today, it is a must. The use of phones and tablets at an early age, which caused heated discussions among many experts, became inevitable after home-based education. With the applications developed for coronavirus tracking, the scope of GDPR and personal data privacy shift to a different dimension. In short, our connection with digital has become vital and deepened than ever before. We will encounter permanent changes in the form of habit, not periodic.

Social distance has made it imperative for companies to establish strong digital ties with their customers. Therefore, the digital transformation capability will be critical for all companies. Companies far behind in the transformation process are trying to find out how to go fast enough to join market dynamics quickly in these difficult times. For them, easy and fast integration, cloud solutions, and an experienced technology solution partnership are top priorities. Companies, continuing their transformation journey, aim to accelerate it. They need to function completed modules efficiently. So, they can understand the market dynamics, manage data, and design & implement the most appropriate journey for customer experience as soon as possible.

Even though companies are at different stages of the transformation, there are two shared critical parameters for all: timing and correct understanding of customer needs. Both parameters are vital to the excellence of the experience. As Etiya, we have evaluated all the variables that affect the market and the customer from the very beginning. Additionally, we always prioritize two critical parameters above. We keep our focus on connectivity and business intelligence and continue to work mainly on 5G, artificial intelligence-based transformation projects.

Our 16 years of experience enable us to address unexpected situational needs on a sectoral basis. It has once again shown itself how accurate our progress is with the "connected customer first" strategy. Our R&D, product design, integration & operation management, in short, our entire organization and infrastructure have evolved to understand customer needs and catch the correct timing. Today, with the DevOps and agile delivery methodologies we use in our organization, we can respond to the timing accuracy needs of companies.

Thanks to our customer engagement focused solutions, we can gather customer needs, complaints, and expectations directly or indirectly from all digital channels. Consequently, we can offer the most appropriate information or recommendations to create an AI-driven experience. With our understanding of integration and operational excellence, we share this heavy uncertainty burden on the shoulders of commercial and technical leaders and commit to being together at every step as a strategic business partner, not a supplier.

In conclusion, as Etiya, we focus on eliminating pandemic-driven business risks and helping for their transformation journey where they can create business opportunities. We are working to continue our best effort within this focus.

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