Technology is the Power of Future; Human is the Power of Technology

Yaprak Yazgan Tellici
2020-12-20 Yaprak Yazgan Tellici
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HR Chatbots are now designed to answer frequently asked questions to HR departments in the busiest use. Every month, hundreds and thousands of questions are answered by chatbots before they are delivered to HR. Number of companies using this capability of chatbots increases every day and it is also necessary to consider other Artificial Intelligence functions. 

Recruitment processes are one of the most painful processes of HR. The reason of this is that it includes many operations such as CV screening, organization of candidate interview, interviewing, job offer process. Hiring the right source has a tremendous impact on the balanced success of companies.  

Artificial Intelligence goes through a “learning” process by examining the recruitment requests that are closed through the system with candidate placement and the resume of the relevant candidate. It can find the most suitable candidate(s) from the CV pool based on the vacancies, qualifications sought and job description with their natural language processing (NLP) skills. 

HR Chatbots also perform the first interviews (pre-selection) about how much of the candidates meet the required qualifications. If the Artificial Intelligence-Driven Assistant “confirms” that the candidate meets the desired qualifications, the second interview is performed by a “human”. This saves companies an average of 70% time in the recruitment process. 

Despite not very common today, Chatbots have a different dimension that their usage areas are thought to increase in the near future. Employees can easily execute their personal actions by the chatbot. So what are these actions? Actions such as annual leave requests, employee expenses, travel or training requests can be within this scope. Employees only need to send the message “I want to take my annual leave on July 8”. Chatbot can easily perform the action on behalf of the employee by the HR system integrated with itself. 

Besides, Artificial Intelligence is waiting in the line for processes such as taking an active role in orientation processes or planning all training processes of employees with Suggestion Systems, and even giving advice about career path!

Technology is the power of future; human is the power of technology. HR often plays the roles of narrating, drawing attention to employees to adopt new practices, raising awareness as an inclusive team in the transformation processes. It is difficult to adapt to change, but change maintains dynamism. Of course, it is not an easy task to adopt an innovation or change to tens of thousands of employees. For this purpose, it is always a useful method to involve employees in this process, including management team undertaking the process and being the sponsor of this process. 

On the other hand, it must be always noted that: No matter how much we get digitalized, at the end of the day “human” is the one who is always connected with. Humans are the ones who want their feelings to be touched. Although remote working has become widespread during the pandemic, companies that frequently meet with their employees in digital environments make a big difference so that they do not feel “distant”. 

Source: Peryon - October Issue (In Turkish)

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