Unique Customer Engagement With Digital Ecosystems

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2017-09-14 Etiya Marketting

Customers today expect digitalized, secure and personalized shopping experience within the most convenient times for them. Enterprises should give a meaning of all digital customer footprints for justification and this is only possible with delivering real-time & connected experience across journeys and channels, otherwise customers simply switch to competitors.

Although customers have positive attitude towards personalized offers, still they face with irrelevant recommendations and overmuch offer options among channels. 

The challenge is a balanced omnichannel engagement and modernized systems & processes. This is mainly possible with a sustained orchestration for the specific purpose of customer experience first. Such an orchestration provides personalized combination of customer history from CRM, inbound and outbound interactions, product, and campaign preferences for the best available experience every time. Additionally, the leverage of digital messaging platforms and AI intermediaries empower the orchestration outcomes.

Enterprises aiming to adopt and monetize this new digital business and customer engagement have to be paired with a strong CRM partner, not a sole vendor. 

Etiya over 550 employees and 5 different locations all over the world gives confidence to its business partners to achieve such difficult challenges. It is one of the innovative pioneers to change unique customer engagement with its competitive rule based systems and autonomous learning algorithm driven applications. 

Etiya is the award-winning company in the customer centricity area thanks to its complex catalog driven B/OSS offers, advanced AI based services for sentimental analysis, IT virtualization and cloud enablement capabilities. 

Etiya is a strong partner for enterprises who interiorize the new digital business models and prioritize customer experience regardless of their industries.

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