Videotron’s Transformation Journey with Etiya’s AI Driven Digital Business Platform


Videotron’s Transformation Journey with Etiya’s AI Driven Cloud Native Digital Business Platform.

In 2018, Quebec-based Videotron began an ambitious plan to transform itself: to become a digital-based company, transforming from a complex legacy, multi-system operating environment to an agile, open, standards-based architecture.

Videotron chose Etiya as the main partner for this transformation journey and Etiya Digital Business Platform, a cloud-native full stack BSS, is at the heart of this journey.

The transformation began with Fizz, an independent all-digital mobile brand, and continued with the launch of Helix in August 2019. Helix is a multi-device TV and Internet platform service that replaces Videotron’s legacy TV and Internet service.

Read this case study to understand;

•    the details of Videotron’s transformation journey
•    how Etiya helped Videotron to launch Helix with a hybrid cloud architecture that includes Etiya’s 100% digital BSS, in 9 months 
•    benefits of using a brand-new digital BSS platform during the transformation period 
•    how enterprise architecture project helped Videotron in validating their transformation approach

Author: John C. Tanner 
Contributing Editor, TM Forum 

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