Etiya. A New Era


Since 2004, Etiya has become a fast-growing and leading Independent software vendor providing a comprehensive product portfolio, with more than 600 employees in 9 offices worldwide.

Throughout 2017 we have been working on our strategy and ambitions. We have become a company with great ambition and now a shift in our company vision. Our goal is be to become a strong global player in the market and expand our expertise from telco to other industries. Therefore we want to have a unique brand strategy supported by our new brand identity.

Clarifying our business ambitions, company culture, strengths and opportunities, we have defined a new brand strategy ‘Exceed, every day’. From this point on we will all wake up to challenge the status quo in the corporate software industry through our commitment to go above and beyond where we, and the industry, are today. We will never just aim to just deliver. We believe that true partnerships are born out of extraordinary commitment. There are no borders or boundaries to what we can do or where we can go. Most importantly, our business must become more intelligent every day.

To reflect this brand strategy and our new beliefs, we are launching a dynamic brand identity. It conveys our daily progress in motion. It is a totally different look and feel, and includes many meaningful visual assets to help us communicate the brand idea.

You will see the improved Etiya brand identity out in the public domain, through printed publications, our corporate website and social media.

The radical ‘E’ of our logo, represents the essence of the Etiya brand –moving progressively, continuously changing and modern. Each rising step has a different opacity to describe our progress in motion. This graphic idea of momentum also brings our visual applications to life and informs our customers and partners how we strive to improve.

We will be recognised by a new colour palette. Orange represents our competitive and challenging spirit, and the deep blue stands for our professionalism and authority in the market.

Our new tagline, ‘Exceed, every day’ echoes our brand idea, and will be implemented in our internal culture, and expressed in the way we add value through our products and our customers’ business. From today onwards ‘Exceed, every day’ must be at the heart of what we do.