Etiya has achieved the Platinum level Open API conformance certification of TM Forum

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We are immensely proud to announce that Etiya has achieved the Platinum level Open API conformance certification of TM Forum.

These Open APIs help CSPs build a modern digital BSS, that is flexible, scalable, and easy to integrate, with cutting edge capabilities that are fully in line with the requirements of our digital age. They are also central to achieving Etiya’s primary goal: allow operators to provide seamless omnichannel experiences to their customers.

These APIs cover various areas of customer interactions, including the shopping process itself, and several related supporting processes, and some key service and account management related workflows. They also facilitate the implementation of shopping journeys from external channels, that enable new partnerships, innovative business models and novel monetization opportunities.

The implementation of these APIs resonates directly with Etiya’s vision of fulfilling global operator needs and surpassing their expectations. We achieve this through agile, innovative, easily integrated, flexible, and affordable product offerings that align with evolving market trends and customer preferences.

Etiya is committed to its partnership with TM Forum, and keeps on supporting CSPs on their digital transformation journeys.


Etiya’s business processes and business entities are certified to the latest TM Forum standards, TM Forum Frameworx version 21.0 and achieved the highest number of conformant TM Forum Business Process Framework Level 3 Certifications and SID entities of any vendor. Recently the company has achieved a Platinum level Open API conformance certification with TM Forum, and it is also a member of the CAMARA Open API initiative.


Etiya Open APIs certified by TM Forum, as of June 2023:

TMF638 – Service Inventory Management (Digital BSS)

TMF720 – Digital Identity Management (Digital BSS)

TMF683 – Party Interaction Management (Digital BSS)

TMF670 – Payment Method Management (Digital BSS)

TMF641 – Service Ordering Management (Network Commerce and Management)

TMF621 –Trouble Ticket Management (Customer Service Management)

TMF680 – Recommendation Management (AI Platform)

TMF671 - Promotion Management (Campaign Management)

TMF639 –Resource Inventory Management (Resource Inventory Management)

TMF629 - Customer Management (Digital BSS)

TMF672 - User Role Permission Management (Digital BSS)

TMF666 – Account Management (Digital BSS)

TMF644 - Privacy Management (Digital BSS)

TMF637 - Product Inventory Management (Digital BSS)

TMF622 – Product Ordering Management (Digital BSS)

TMF679 - Product Offering Qualification Management (Digital BSS)

TMF669 - Party Role Management (Digital BSS)

TMF634 - Resource Catalog Management (Digital BSS)

TMF633 - Service Catalog Management (Digital BSS)

TMF632 - Party Management (Digital BSS)

TMF620 - Product Catalog Management (Digital BSS)

TMF663 - Shopping Cart Management (Digital BSS)