Etiya is an approved partner of the CAMARA Open API project

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As a company committed to using industry standards in our product portfolio, Etiya is now an approved partner of the CAMARA Open API project.

In the 5G era it is vital for telcos to be able to monetize new business opportunities. CAMARA Open APIs provide seamless access for external ecosystem players to telco network capabilities and help transform operator networks into service enablement platforms. This facilitates integration of 3rd party applications to telco networks in a secure and controlled way, enables monetization and enhances customer experience.

By providing CAMARA Open APIs, Etiya aims to help developers to deploy services quickly via single points of access to operator networks. This will benefit CSPs in multiple ways: on one hand, it allows them to tap into new revenue streams and grow their businesses further. On the other hand, the CAMARA Open API solution will also enable operators to offer more innovative services to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

CAMARA APIs are “user-friendly APIs”, that require no telco expertise. They don’t just facilitate application to network integration, but at the same time they also fulfill data privacy and regulatory requirements.

CAMARA is an open-source project, which is part of the Linux Foundation, working in close collaboration with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to align API requirements and definitions, and to publish APIs.